Family Feud Casting… In The Yukon!

Family Feud Canada is looking for families from all over the country, including up north

Family Feud Canada wants to represent all of what Canada has to offer in its upcoming competitions. The CBC show is in search of many families, and wants every nook and cranny in the country to be represented, which means families from up north are not just welcome, but encouraged to apply.
“We know applying to be on any show is a daunting task but the Family Feud Canada casting process is extremely fun!” said Lindsay Christopher, casting associate producer for Family Feud Canada. “We always remind families that it isn’t a job interview, it’s more like an epic family game night. Embrace the experience and give us a glimpse of what it’s really like to be a part of your family.”

Each team will be comprised of five adult (18+) family members and one alternate, for six applicants in total. Any sort of familial relation can be accepted, for those who have immediate families of fewer than five people, or relatives who just aren’t into it. This means aunts, uncles, cousins, step-siblings, in-laws, and in some circumstances, very close or live-in friends can all team up. 

Before making it to the audition stage, families must complete an online application. According to Christopher, the online application is easy to use and contains questions that are purposely open-ended, leaving room for families’ unique stories. The next stage is a virtual audition, with the show’s producers.
“The best part of the audition process is seeing what families come up with,” said Christopher. “Your audition is your time to shine; some families create team uniforms, chants, or choreographed routines! Of course, none of that is mandatory, but we do love to see it!”

While the territories are a less populated part of the country, Canada’s north has a unique way of life and sense of community the show’s producers feel would go a long way onscreen.
“We are looking to represent all of what Canada has to offer. From the major cities to the rural communities, a Canadian family is a Canadian family, and that’s what we want, after all,” said Christopher. “The Canadian territories are rich in sites, culture, and history. A family from the Yukon brings all of that and more with them. The Canadian territories are also much different than the prairies, Maritimes, or cities, and we want to hear what makes Yukon so amazing from the people who live there!”

Family Feud Canada first aired in 2019 and has produced two seasons so far. Hosted by Gerry Dee, it is Canada’s version of one of the most popular game shows of all time. The possibility of a group of Yukoners appearing on the show is already building excitement for its next season.
“Our goal is to feature as many Canadian families as possible, in all of the beautiful ways families can and do exist,” said Christopher. “I could write a list of adjectives like energetic, competitive, humorous, and humble–but most importantly, we’re looking for YOU and all of the wonderful qualities that make your family unique!”

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