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This fall, back-to-school fashion trends I like for girls are racer back tank tops, lacy back T-shirts, and hair up in a ponytail with feather earrings (like Selena Gomez wears her hair in a scene in her music video “Hit the Lights”).

Fashion I like for boys are high tops, hats and cool T-shirts.

I look at teen magazines for fashion inspiration. Sometimes I mix and match outfits—I’ll change the top if I don’t like it.

One person that has a sense of style I admire is Katy Perry. One outfit I like that she has worn is high-waisted jean shorts with gold buttons.

Most of my clothes I get from malls when I travel, such as to Vancouver or Toronto. I like Garage a lot—it is one of my favourite stores. All of their clothes are awesome. It is usually one of the first stores I go into before I go look at other stores.

I also like Stitches because I like the quotes they put on their shirts.

I like Winners too. (If you shop there you are a “winner”, I guess.)

In Dawson, lately I have been shopping at Miss Kittie Galores—a new store that opened this summer at Second and Queen Streets.

One time my friend Lulu and I wanted to go there to get dresses so we could go have dinner, but we didn’t have any money. Her mom suggested we collect cans.

We filled over a dozen bags and collected bottles too, and took them to the recycling depot. We got about $100 in returns.

The next day we went and got our dresses, and then we went for dinner at the Goat.

What is my favourite thing in my closet is hard to answer. I have a lot of things in my closet I like. But, my favourite item in my closet would probably be… a soft, creamy-white, long-sleeved sweater from Garage. I wear it with skinny jeans.

On school mornings I usually find something that I like. I will wear sweats if I’m tired, but usually I wear jeans. At the start of school in August, I wear shorts.

In the winter, when I have to put on snow pants and a winter jacket, I wear bright blue Burton snow pants over my jeans. I had a Roxy jacket last year, if I need to get a new one this year I will look for new styles online.

For the first day of school I will pick an outfit I like. This year I am going into Grade 6. I am not really that excited about going back to school, most of my friends are in Grade 7, but I guess the first day is still kind of fun.

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