A – Antoinette’s Restaurant “A is for Awesome”

Where to go for dinner? I couldn’t decide but I knew there are many restaurants in Whitehorse from which to choose.

But how to choose?  Being the well-ordered, disciplined person that I am (read perfectionist), it made perfect sense to me to begin at, well, the beginning and make my way through our city’s eating establishments in order.  In the order of the alphabet, beginning, of course, with the letter A.

I chose an agreeable companion who had completely different eating habits than I and off we set, earlier this month, to check out Antoinette’s. We were pleasantly surprised.

We entered an oasis of colour, soft lights, soothing music and subtle aromas of food being prepared. The original artwork, the bright cotton tablecloths and the shining cutlery all served to make us feel like honoured guests in a room specially set up just for us.  

We made our way to our corner table, relaxing more with each step.  

Our server was friendly and at ease, welcoming us to take our time and enjoy.

The menu offers choices that easily accommodate special diets – such as vegetarian and gluten free – without changing the dishes. The prices were middle of the road and good value.

Our meals were excellent. I had the pureed carrot and coconut cream soup, together with an amazing salad.  

My friend had the lemon chicken entree. The food was well prepared and tasty and the portions were just right.  

We had a bit of excitement trying to surreptitiously photograph our food without using flashes or excited chirps of frustration.  It didn’t work, of course, and we broke into a fit of giggles.

The place was jumping with conversation and laughter and lilting background music. I was glad I’d had the presence of mind to make reservations. And even though they were obviously very busy, our server was attentive yet unobtrusive and we were left to enjoy our meal in each other’s company, without feeling like we were being ignored.  

We felt completely at home and well looked after; it was like being at the house of a friend.

We had excellent coffee to complete our meal and tarried over the last bits of our evening in such a delightful venue. We were left to our enjoyment and relaxation and I was surprised to find that, as we gathered our coats, we had been there for over two hours.

Antoinette’s is located at 4121- 4th Avenue in downtown Whitehorse. It is open Monday to Saturday, 5 p.m. to 9 p.m., with live music each Monday and Saturday.  I look forward to summer when Antoinette’s will also be open for lunch.

The place has character, personality and comfort, just like a good friend.

Check my next column to see where my companion and I went – under the “B.”

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