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“Let them eat cake”, is the famous saying, attributed to Marie Antoinette. After all, what could be a more delightful thing to do?

For Heather Anderson the answer is, decorating cake; but that doesn’t mean just any decoration. She likes large, multi-tiered, three dimensional, packed with detail, in-your-face cakes. For this decorator, no request is too large or too complex.

Anderson arrived in the Yukon from Alberta in 1999. Her interest in cake was sparked after watching Food Network challenge shows.

“I was amazed at what can be done with cake — sculpt it, stack it, air brush it… and when you’re all done you’ve got an amazing piece of edible art,” Anderson says. 

After bantering with the idea of starting her own cake business, she decided to leave the office work environment in favour of designing you-know-what.

“I wasn’t sure there was going to be a big market for custom cakes like I do, but there is. I am so glad that I get to do what I love every day,” she says.

During the past few summer months, Anderson has been busy creating custom designs for countless weddings, baptisms, and children’s parties. Her designs range from super heroes to Disney characters to three dimensional sci-fi fantasies to sophisticated floral masterpieces.

Yet, despite all the unique designs, Anderson is hankering for more exclusive creations.

“I have always wanted to do Cat in the Hat or Alice in Wonderland.

“I love the quirkiness of the themes, you can go so big and wild with your design and it fits. I love tall cakes, especially ones that have angles and different shapes — it’s the challenge of building it. It is so fun to watch them come together, tier by tier,” Anderson says.

There is no doubt that intricate cake designs can present challenges. But what about the ever-so-hard choice of butter cream versus fondant? Each is sweet and delicious. Each can transform a cake into something beautiful.

Anderson leans towards the lovely butter cream: “It’s light, creamy and melts in your mouth satiny texture.”

However, she does enjoy the fondant, especially because she takes pride in making it herself. In fact, she makes everything from scratch, ensuring a traditional, flavorful taste that may leave you screaming for more.

Between August 8 and 10, Anderson will set up shop at YukomiCon, taking place at the Yukon Convention Centre. She will be showcasing her cakes and cupcakes — which are just as detailed and scrumptious as her cakes. There will also be a children’s cake designing contest, with gift certificates awarded to the winners. For the adults (no, you haven’t been forgotten), there will be plenty of samples for you to enjoy. For information, visit

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