Chill, it’s summer

Yukon-brewed beers for the season


Dry-Hopped Sour- ABV 5.3%
Yukon Brewing
473 mL

This hopped, buckwheat honey-coloured beer holds a curious (and delicious) balance between the refreshing tartness of a sour and the lip-smacking bitterness of hops IPA drinkers crave. Pouring with a light, white head that quickly dissipates and a much lighter mouth feel than you’d expect for something with such a big-hop flavour, this sour opens with a bold apricot-like note at the front and finishes with bright pine on the back of the tongue. Great for patio-chilling.


Haze Junction Hazy Pale Ale – 5.2 %
Winterlong Brewery
473 mL

With it’s golden, wheat-coloured haze, this beer packs a wallop of delicious, hoppy goodness with a relatively low alcohol content, making it one of those ideal “fishing buddy” beverages. The hops-notes are very bright and citrus-forward, in a North-East IPA style, with a slightly floral note at the front and a clean, bitter, finish which lingers on the tongue with a note of tangerine.


Pacific Northwest IPA – ABV 6.4 %
Woodcutter’s Blanket
946 ml crowler

Coming in a reasonable (for an IPA) ABV, this beer packs a big flavour punch without knocking you down. A traditionally-styled IPA, this beer has a light head with maintains itself, a rich aroma and golden-colour, a smooth mouth-feel and a big hoppy finish. Opens with cheerful lemon and honey notes in the front of the mouth, finishes with notes of pine – even cedar -at the back of the tongue. A great choice for the person who (like me) loves bold IPA.

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