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Deep in the Jalapa Valley of Nicaragua grows a tobacco that has an elegant yet bold taste. Combine the tobacco from the Jalapa region with other tobaccos from different areas of Nicaragua and you get a lovely cigar called Casa Magna Colorado. Created by Manuel Quesada Jr., whose family been making cigars for a century, it’s no surprise that Colorado has been ranked number one cigar on many aficionados lists.

The reason behind the name Colorado is actually quite interesting. If you look closely at the cigar you can see that there are hints of dark red in the tobacco wrapper. Since many of the canyons in Colorado have a dark red colour this was the reason behind calling the cigar Colorado.   

To pair with the cigar I have selected Johnnie Walker Red Label blended scotch whisky. I have had this whisky many times before and I’ve always enjoyed it for being smooth yet not too strong. Unlike other scotches, Red Label does not have flavours of fruit. It’s simply a good scotch with a nice malt taste.

To start, Casa Magna Colorado has a bold floral taste. But once you get past that, it takes on a more of a coffee and cedar taste in the first third. And as I predicted, the Johnny Walker goes very nice with this cigar. The one thing that I do notice about the Colorado is that despite the different flavours you can taste, it consistently goes well with the smooth and rich texture of the scotch.

The second third of Colorado does get stronger and takes on more of an espresso  taste with hints of flowers. I would say that this cigar is not for beginners due to the complex flavour wheel and strength. However, those familiar with cigars and the various flavour wheels will appreciate the direction Colorado has taken.

The last third of the cigar proves to be the strongest, but not in a bad way. There is no bitter taste or chemical taste as some stronger cigars tend to have when you reach the last third. In the case of Colorado the strength of the last third delivers very strong coffee and flower notes.

Additionally, the cigar has a bit of a silk like texture, in that the flavour transitions very smoothly and there is no bitterness. This is a good thing when you are looking for a premium cigar.

Although I selected a blended scotch whisky, the Colorado would also go well with a nice dark roast coffee, as well. And if you prefer drinks are on the sweeter side you could try it with liqueur, too – it depends on which flavours you want to bring out. For example, to highlight the full body nature of the cigar pair it with scotch. A coffee will enhance the coffee notes in the cigar. The sweetness of a liqueur will offset the strength of the cigar.

The Casa Magna Colorado can be purchased online at, for about $7 per stick.

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