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Klondike Rib & Salmon is only open in the summer. Both tourists and locals alike flocking to the restaurant.

It’s a welcoming place, from the steps up onto the cozy front deck and its patio tables, through the entrance foyer to the dining room, which was originally opened as a tent frame bakery, called MacMillan’s Bakery, around 1900.

The checkered-cloth covered tables give a cozy vibe and the knickknacks set all about bring you right back to the 1900s.

My friend and I were seated across from each other at one end of a long table. The lunch menu features 20 delectable items to choose from, sporting fun names like Simply Sensational Stampeder Spinach Salad ($16.95), Hunka, Hunka, Beefy Love Burger ($16.95) and Put Some Pork on Your Fork Pulled Wild Boar Sandwich ($17.95).

It was a tough choice but I settled on the Vegetarian Delight Wrap: tomato, cucumber, red onion, lettuce, red pepper and “YUMmus” all wrapped up and served with Klondike Fries ($14.95).

I was listening so intently to my friend’s interesting stories that I read “YUMmus” as yam fries. Yeah, I know. So when my food came, I was confused, but the very friendly server put my consternation to rest and insisted that she change the order. In no time at all, I had what I thought I ordered and even though I realized the mistake had been mine, the staff would hear none of it.

My friend had two pieces of the World Famous Alaskan Halibut Fish and Chips ($23.95), along with the Klondike Caesar Salad ($14.95), as usual. It’s a favourite and, as usual, it did not disappoint.

We took our time eating and visiting, with the staff giving us ample opportunity to enjoy our lunch. We were sated.

It was so satisfying, in fact, that I returned the very next day with my usual companion. This time, however, I chose to sit on the back deck under the tent roof. Nice and bright with individual tables. Lots more knickknacks and sayings on bits of board there, as well, including the advice that the men’s facilities were on the left as women are always right.

This time I chose the KRS Hippie Veggie Burger ($14.95) and read the menu well enough to note that it would be accompanied by Klondike Fries “just to the right….” My companion, after much contemplation, picked the Robert Service’s Seafood Baked Dip ($14.95), which offers a choice of salmon or halibut, with artichokes, spinach, the fresh herbs and cheese in a rich cream sauce, baked until bubbling and served with homemade focaccia bread. Halibut was the choice.

The food was excellent, the coffee hot, the staff welcoming. It’s a fun place to eat. It’s a fun place to be. And not only are the servers friendly, the owner, Dona Novecosky, comes out and kibitzes. Everyone has a great time, customers and staff alike.

Klondike Rib and Salmon is located at  2116 Second Ave. It is open every day from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Check it out.

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