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I picked up my companion to go for lunch at Legends Smokehouse & Grill, located in the Yukon Inn. We were pleased to find it quite busy. The place has a rustic ambience with wooden tables at the front and raised, framed alcoves by the windows.

When we entered many patrons looked up from their tables and smiled and we felt welcome. The waitresses gestured for us to go ahead and sit wherever we wanted and we chose one of the few tables left in the section at the back. All the window seats were taken, and the deck, open for summer, was completely full. Next time, I’ll get there early and get an outside seat.

However, the table we got was just fine; it was roomy even though it was a seating for two.

Immediately, we were handed menus by a friendly and laughing waitress. There are amazing choices at Legends which include various vegetarian dishes.

One of the highlights for me was the build-your-own burger, which includes a selection of meats (including a vegetarian option) and toppings.

The prices are affordable and, when I glanced around and saw the size of the portions on other tables, I realized that the prices are of good value.

There is a good variety of kid’s-sized meals, all priced at only $6.95.

The waitresses bustled around, all carrying coffee pots and refilling cups as they bantered with the customers. The whole place had the air of an old-fashioned diner, complete with home-style cooking.

After much vacillating, we decided what to have: my companion ordered the Eggs Benedict Florentine, which has two poached eggs on bannock topped with Hollandaise sauce, spinach and tomatoes and accompanied by a side of fried potatoes. I had the Mandarin Salad, which features oranges, spinach, red onions, red pepper and almonds topped with a delicious kiwi and lime vinaigrette. The portions were large and I had a time of it to finish it all.

Coffee was offered repeatedly and, each time, I held up my cup. I couldn’t pass up such excellent coffee. The service was attentive and friendly and, most importantly for lunchtime, prompt.

Before we left, I checked out the facilities and found the bathroom to be clean and elegantly appointed. What a nice treat.

Legends Smokehouse & Grill is in the Yukon Inn at 4220 – 4th Avenue. They are open seven days a week from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. Lunch is served from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. and breakfast is available until 4 p.m. each and every day.

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