Locally-produced beers for your socially-distanced summer chill

Look here, beer!

Mango Apricot Sour – ABV 4% Winterlong Brewing Co. 473 mL

Bright, deliciously sour, and juicy, this light-on-the tongue, easy-drinking beer is the 5th Anniversary offering from Winterlong. Pleasantly a little-more-bubbly than, say, your typical lager, and with notes not only of mango and apricot, as the name suggests, but even of mandarins, this beer is fruity without being cloying or overpowering, the sweetness well balanced by a tartness which makes the sides of your tongue tingle on that first sip. A great beer for lake-side chilling. 




Hazy IPA – ABV 6.2% Yukon Brewing 473 mL



Cloudy and golden with a medium body that goes down smooth and doesn’t sit too heavily on the stomach, as some IPAs are wont to do, this offering from Yukon Brewing will appeal to IPA-warriors who like their hops with a moderate citrus tang. Starting bold and hoppy and finishing with a decidedly fruity-note (pink grapefruit, a hint of clementine), it pours with a moderate head that dissipates slowly. Possessed of a relatively-modest ABV (for an IPA) that will cool you off without knocking you out, this beer is perfect for an evening-wind down in the backyard.




Strawberry-Kiwi Hefe – ABV 6.2 % Woodcutter’s Blanket 946 mL crowler

Pleasantly (mildly) tart, bright and possessed of the smooth mouth-feel found in a good hefferveisen, this unique beer is easy-drinking -even playful- without being sugary. The strawberry sits at the front of the mouth, while the kiwi bursts through -lightly, without being overwhelming – in the nose and the finish. A perfect accompaniment to a sunny Sunday afternoon lunch (or, let’s be real, brunch, especially taken on the patio.

Chill, it’s summer


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