Love your liver

How I learned to do it

Why would I ask you to do such a thing? Because your liver rocks and, according to Anthony William, the author of the Medical Medium series, it has over 2,000 functions, many of which medicine hasn’t discovered yet. If you get your liver function tested by your doctor, you might be told that your liver is fine. Unfortunately, these tests only show a problem when your liver is quite sick. A traditional Chinese doctor told me more than 20 years ago that my liver wasn’t doing well. It took me a long time to address the issue, mainly because I did all the wrong things to get healthy.

The liver is a much underestimated organ, but it’s essential to a healthy body. The brain and the heart get all the attention, but it is actually the liver that protects both of them. If your liver is compromised, it can’t take care of all the toxins in the body and we are exposed to so many these days. The root cause of your heart problems might even be an overtaxed liver. 

In the fall of 2005, I had a cold. I was barely able to walk half a mile. Just doing my dishes and keeping the cabin clean felt like a marathon. I wasn’t able to work for several years. Altogether, it took me 15 to recover.

I want to tell you about the diets that didn’t work, so you avoid the potholes and get healing faster than I did.

There was the three-month candida cleanse without any fruit and carbs, exactly missing the foods that the liver needs to detox. The first day I ate an apple the candida was back. Candida consumes toxins and, therefore, helped to protect me from the mercury and lead I didn’t know was in my system. By trying to starve the candida I starved my overworked and underpaid liver even more. Candida overgrowth is a message that there is something wrong in your body and candida is only the messenger. Please don’t shoot the messenger. Instead, look for the underlying cause.

Our reality is that we live in a toxic world, where we ingest even plastic. Livers have to store toxins if they are too run down, which is often the case because they have to battle pathogens, heavy metals, or a constant stream of cortisol from stressful jobs. Once my liver got healthier and was able to get rid of toxins instead of containing, then I was able to easily shed some weight.

I was told that I had lead and mercury in my system. Lead literally gave me lead feet. I had to put my legs up against the wall to feel better. The mercury had gotten into my brain, which caused brain fog and probably was the main cause of 40 years of suicidal thoughts and depression. Just like mad hatter’s disease was caused by the mercury that was used in hat-making. Nowadays, mercury is pretty much everywhere—in amalgam fillings for your teeth (that’s what makes fillings look silver), seafood and much more. I got heavy metals such as mercury out of my system, but the popular and well-meaning advice is often unsafe and too taxing on our overworked livers. If you want to detox from heavy metals please follow Anthony William’s advice. 

Then there was the keto diet. It was more fun and appropriate for my dogs than for me. I ended up with increased cholesterol levels and not the good ones. After I went back to being vegetarian, my cholesterol level went back to normal. No medication necessary. 

If what I wrote resonates with you and you want to get healthier, this is my morning routine: I drink half a litre of water with the juice of half a lemon. Thirty minutes later I drink half a litre of celery juice. Another 30 minutes later, I have a heavy metal detox smoothie. And it’s ok to eat fruit without fat and protein. As a matter of fact, from my experience it’s essential for your health and weight management.

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