No More Pie-In-The-Sky: Whitehorse Takes The Crown With Record-Breaking Pizza

The Yukon’s motto is “Larger Than Life.”

A recent collaboration between Yukon businesses Duncan’s Limited, Whiskey Jack’s Pub and Grill, Yukon Brewing and Lumel Studio put that to the test this week by building the largest pizza in the country.

And they did by the way.

A 15-foot monster at just over 2-feet wide and made with all kinds of pepperoni, sauce, cheese, meat and even jalapeno peppers was conceived, prepared, cooked and eaten (by about 60 close friends and family) at Duncan’s on Aug 12.

The idea was cooked up by Duncan’s shop manager Dilan Parker and his co-worker Amanda Frotten and friend and business associate Travis Milo of Whiskey Jack’s in Porter Creek. Parker said the idea stretches back about three years when he saw one of his shop staff cooking his lunch on one of the large powder coating ovens.

“I thought to myself Gee Willikers! I wonder how big of a pizza we could make?”

Milo, who supplied the pizza ingredients, said the trio had discussed the possibility over a couple of beers and when Duncan’s was finally ready to pull the trigger and built the pan and dedicated an oven for it, the crew at Whiskey Jack’s was on board.

“Duncan’s organized most of it. They told us the dates and what was happening and we kind of just said we’ll make ourselves flexible to your schedule – and made it happen,” said Milo.

He added that according to his chef’s calculations the giant pizza is roughly the equivalent of 60 medium-sized pizzas.

The previous record was held by Frank’s Pizza House in Toronto and was 2.7-feet by 3.6-feet and about 9.9 sq. Ft of pizza. “Today the pizza we built was 30 square feet. More than three times the Canadian record at the moment,” said Parker.

Frotten agreed that the record could be beaten.

“We decided that we could totally beat that easy enough. We thought it would be fun with a little excitement.”

All three said the idea was really about making a community-oriented event and invited many business customers, friend and family to help them celebrate their record breaking day.

In addition to Duncan’s and Whiskey Jack’s, Yukon Brewing made sure there were plenty of beers to go around (and there were also non-alcoholic offers) and Lumel Studios crafted a large pilsner style glass with the Duncan’s logo on it to commemorate the occasion Parker said.

“It’s been fun,” said Frotten. “It’s been a real community event.” When she was asked if this was something she’d like to do again, Frotten laughed and added that if her bosses on board then absolutely.

“If I can convince my bosses to let me have the afternoon of work and drink beer in the back yard I would probably be game with that for sure.”

People preparing pizza
Duncan’s Limited, Whiskey Jack’s, Yukon Brewing and Lumel Studios teamed up to claim the record for largest pizza made in Canada this week with a 15-foot monster

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