Whitehorse Brunch Roundup

When planning a Mother’s Day outing in Whitehorse, once thing is certain: There are a “brunch” of options.

Spring turns many appetites to sunny, lazy Sunday brunch. For some folks, this is fuel for Sunday-afternoon outdoor adventures, while others prefer to snooze off their brunch cocktails with an afternoon nap. Both are equally valid and delicious.

Brunch is also a favourite ritual of queer culture. As a member of the queer community and as a brunch enthusiast, I’ve sipped the ceasars, burst the yolks and buttered the toast at the newest spots in Whitehorse—and I’m ready to share my findings.

Whether you’re making brunch plans for Mother’s Day, looking to cure a hangover after a drag show, or looking for a more COVID-cautious takeout option, the Whitehorse brunch scene has something for everyone.

There are the classic favourite spots, of course, but this brunch roundup will focus on three newer spots you might not have tried yet.

Gather Cafe & Taphouse

Gather’s name is a term for one of the processes in glass-blowing—fitting, since this lovely spot is in Lumel’s glass-blowing studios.

You can expect your drinks to be served in gorgeous Lumel glassware. Between that, the cocktails and the food, this is easily the most-beautifully presented brunch in town. Gather has a brunch-specific cocktail menu that features breakfast themes—coffee and orange juice both feature as ingredients. Don’t miss the Muffin in a Glass—a hearty and delicious blueberry concoction.

The brunch menu features classics, such as Huevos Rancheros and a classic breakfast with eggs and bacon. The hashbrowns think beyond the potato, featuring additional vegetables, such as plantains, fried up hashbrown-style. Try their Enamorados French Toast Sandwich, featuring bread from Alpine Bakery, caramelized apples, and Brie.

Gather offers brunch to go, which is great since seating is limited (though there is a patio in the summer). Don’t forget to order your to-go coffee, too (theirs is one of my favourites in town). Gluten-free and vegetarian options are on offer.

Brunch on Saturdays and Sundays.

Crêperie La Petite Maison

Across the street from Gather is the newest “kid” on the Whitehorse brunch scene, La Petite Maison.

A Parisian crepe place is an ideal spot for brunch. If savoury and sweet crepe options, as well as a brunch cocktail offering, aren’t enough, they have gorgeous pastries for sale on weekends as well.

I like a savoury brunch, and so my go-to is the Klondike crêpe. With its Brie, prosciutto, caramelized onions, and walnuts, it’s a bundle of my favourite things.

The café has a bright, clean and open vibe. The air smells delicious and fills the energetic space.

Like Gather, La Petite Maison also offers to-go orders and has a great online ordering portal. Bring a cooler bag (they keep things warm too!) and pick up your brunch and enjoy it in Rotary Park, or in farther-flung locales. There’s a spot on the Miles Canyon Road that I’ve had my eye on for when the road opens back up for the summer.

Brunch on Saturdays and Sundays.

Railwork Lounge

The third brunch spot in our trio is next door to the first two. Over at the Raven Inn, the Railwork Lounge is serving up sourdough pancakes.

These aren’t just any sourdough pancakes—they’re made with sourdough starter that can trace its lineage back to 1898. If you’re not a pancake person, sourdough beignets are on the table as well.

Folks who prefer a savoury brunch will enjoy a selection of eggs benedict varieties, including one featuring brisket; and a waffle breakfast with avocado, eggs and bacon, or salmon. All of these pair well with a light and fresh cocktail offering.

I absolutely swoon over the lime-green chairs in this place; the furniture and the vibe is bright and cheerful. The best table in the house is partially inside of a wall tent that’s set up indoors. It’s the indoor “blanket fort” we all wanted as kids.

Brunch at the Railwork Lounge is a Sunday-only affair, though they do serve their daily breakfast menu on Saturdays. Some items are available to go, and the sidewalk patio should be reopening this summer.

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