I have four sisters and one brother. The youngest two sisters, Heidi and Elsa, are twins who 

are five-and a-half-years old. The story of us finding out that my mom was having twins is very funny. It goes like this:

When I found out that my mom was going to have another baby, I was seven years old and really wanted to have twins in the family. So every night, before I went to bed, I would pray that mom would have two babies instead of one. Then after a while, my mom’s belly started to get bigger, and bigger, and bigger.

People began asking if she was having twins. My mom, not knowing that she really was, would shake her head and say, no. Meanwhile, I would stand beside her and say, yes.

After a little while, even my mom wasn’t so sure anymore. So we went and had an ultrasound and the first things we saw on the screen were two heads.

On October 5,2008, Heidi and Elsa were born at home with two midwives — actually three, because my mom is a midwife, too. They were two identical girls, which made the only boy, Vincent, a little sad, but he cheered up after a minute and wanted to hold the babies just like the rest of us.

Having twins in the family is really fun and confusing, and it has been since they were born, when the only one who could tell them apart was my mom. By now we almost always know who is who.

It’s also confusing how well Heidi and Elsa understand and know each other. If one of them is in trouble the other one is, too, and when they are both sleeping they are like a mirror, and if one of them moves a hand or foot the other one does, too. Something they always have done is just look at each other and suddenly start laughing as if one of them just told a joke.

When they were small they used to have cribs side-by-side and as soon as they were able to, they would climb from one bed to the other, jumping back and forth thinking it was hilarious.

They also very rarely fight, and when they do, one of them will just say, “Ok, you can have it,” which is something they wouldn’t do if they were fighting with someone else.

It is fun having twins in the family. They keep life interesting.