What’s Up with Yukon Weather?

The Yukon is full of surprises. You never know what is going to come next, especially when you look at the weather.

Take this year, for example. I am happy that we had an extra warm, long and sunny summer, but by the time late October/early November is here, I’d rather have snow on the ground. Although not having snow would happen almost every year if I lived in Germany — which is another thing that makes the Yukon so great!

I was starting to think that there might be no snow for Christmas, which would have been terrible for me. The worst part about not having snow in November is that by early in the month it was too cold to go outside in just a t-shirt, but there wasn’t enough snow to build snow forts and have snowball fights.

This year instead of having snow forts it would be more fun to let the snow on our lawn get as high as possible, and then dig tunnels all around our property.

It’s also fun to shovel snow and get firewood on my dad’s skidoo, especially since we get to have a joy ride on the skidoo afterward, too.

There was one advantage though (for all the kids in our family, anyway). There was a wonderful supply of ice on our lawn, which was perfect for skating-with-your-shoes-on, although I am sure the adults weren’t that happy about the ice.

My mom wasn’t too happy about the weather, either, because she still had some brussel sprouts in her garden that needed to be covered with snow. The deer that come in the winter to eat out of my mom’s garden were happy to know that.

Just so you know, while I am writing this I have no idea when you will be reading this and by then we might have 2° or -40°C.

As my Dad was told when he first came to the Yukon, “If you don’t like the weather, wait for five minutes.”

I don’t like the weather when there is not enough snow.

Let it snow!

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