Friends discover Yukon

Part 2 of 2: Showing the delights of why we choose to live in the middle of nowhere 

Day 2

We awoke to a ferry horn blaring its arrival into the port. We went to Glacial Smoothies & Espresso for a delicious breakfast burrito to fuel us for the drive back to Whitehorse. On our way, we made a second stop, this time at the Carcross Tagish First Nation building. Sam got to learn about First Nation history and culture from the informative reception.

Our drive was mostly uneventful, though Sam saw his first black bear, thankfully from inside the car. We then went to Mount Lorne’s “Thrift Shop,” also known as the Mount Lorne dump. Sam actually found a little treasure of a Yukon firefighting jacket and was excited for his free souvenir. 

It was a beautiful day and we decided to head down to Annie Lake to shoot some guns at targets and clay pigeons. The drive there was beautiful and Sam was very excited to shoot guns, that is, until he got too close to the scope and sliced his forehead open. Whoops. We should learn not to injure the guests when visiting the Yukon.

We stopped on our way home at Winterlong for some well-deserved flights of beer and bison pepperoni. After a while, only the red gashes with the giant, egg-like lump on Sam’s forehead reminded us he’d smacked himself in the head with a rifle. 
We continued on our way home, taking a slight detour to Miles Canyon before eating at Klondike Rib and Salmon.

Day 3 

The hot, sunny weather didn’t last and we awoke to rain. We decided to head to Winterlong’s fourth birthday party, where we were one of the last people to get a souvenir glass. In the rain, we stood drinking our summer beers, telling Sam “Welcome to the Yukon” as we glared at the weather.

With our rainproof jackets, we decided to head to Schwatka Lake for Yukon Yamaha’s boat day. We got on a boat, life jackets in tow, and went for a rip around the lake. Despite the poor weather, it was quite fun. 

Back home, I made dinner out of two lake trouts (photo on top) I caught a while ago and both were delicious. That’s what counted as a wild night Saturday night for the two of us, but Sam did have to be on a 6 a.m. flight back to China. 

Next visit: To be determined
Which country: Does anyone have an idea?

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