Yukon Supergroup, Dandelion Wreath, Says Goodbye

“The Last Potluck. Catchy isn’t it?”

The man behind the cluttered desk utters this phrase while framing an invisible marquee with his hands.

“I wish I could afford a marquee,” says Morty Mungden, manager for roots/folk/emotronic Yukon supergroup Dandelion Wreath.

“Those things are classy. Right now I got my car parked in the abandoned parking lot with a sign in the window.”

Mungden goes on to describe the obscure yet pervasive music of Dandelion Wreath.

“I was just coming off a four-day bender,” says Mungden. “I lost my biggest client (creative differences) and I just needed to get some air.

“The next thing I know, I’m being pulled out of a ditch by hobos. As it turns out, the hobos were actually these two hippy girls: Feral and Harmony. I spent a good week drying out, listening to these gals bang off their crappy music.”

“But you know what? It was like musical cancer,” says Mungden, “And then I had a brainwave: What if they had instruments?”

One quick trip to the pawnshop later and Dandelion Wreath was born.

They burst onto the scene in 1976 with their debut release, Solstice Potluck Dinner, and have been entertaining very small but loyal crowds ever since.

And only on the strength of the one single.

“Hey, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it!” laughs Mungden. “The great thing is, there’s always gonna be stinky hippies – and trust me, they’ll listen to the same crap over and over.

“It’s a simple formula. Guitar plus Bongo equals hippy music festival. I never wanted to push the girls too much, and go figure, they weren’t into writing anything else.

“And they got some loyal fans. This one guy’s been following them since the beginning – they let him flail around the stage. A hippy back-up dancer I guess.”

Now Dandelion Wreath is bringing its relatively unknown era to an end.

“The gals wanna work on starting their organic spice farm,” says Mungden. “Feral really wants to raise goats and Harmony is still working on getting her license as the Yukon’s first dog marriage commissioner.”

Under the title, The Last Potluck, Dandelion Wreath will be gracing the Yukon Arts Centre stage June 11 at 8 p.m. for one final concert.

Joining them will be some very special guests.

“Yeah, well, the gals kinda only have the one song,” says Mungden, “So I found some comedians who are gonna entertain the crowd with some stand-up and sketches. Chris McNutt, George Maratos, Mike Ellis and this other schlub, Anthony Trombetta, are for sure, and I got some other folks new to the comedy scene who are gonna give up some yuks.”

Also during this special farewell evening with be a special documentary also entitled The Last Potluck.

“I got my Brainiac nephew to get a camera and go out and film some prominent Yukoners in the music scene, politics and whatever you guys call celebrities,” says Mungden. “And they’re gonna talk about how Dandelion Wreath inspired them or affected them or made them a sandwich … whatever.

“So you’re gonna get an evening of some great comedy, a killer documentary and then the gals are gonna get on stage one last time to play Solstice Potluck Dinner.

Oh, and I should mention, this is at the Yukon Arts Centre, so if there are any hippies coming, first of all, you have to buy a ticket … and wear shoes. Showering won’t kill you either. Heh, that’ll keep ’em out.”

The Last Potluck, an evening of film, laughs and song takes place June 11 at the Yukon Arts Centre at 8 p.m. Join Dandelion Wreath for one last show. See its website at www.myspace.com/dandelionwreath for details.

Anthony Trombetta is the host of Coaster’s Comedy every other Wednesday at 9 p.m. The next show is June 4. If you want to share your memories of Danelion Wreath, contact him at [email protected]

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