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Part 3 of 3 – West Kelowna and Kelowna

Breathtaking views, delicious food and delectable wines. The Okanagan is the top wine destination in the world, according to Huffington Post and I had to go find out how true it is. Day one and two where a blur of delectable foods, stunning views and copious amounts of wine, the last day of the trip was dedicated to exploring explore Kelowna’s local wineries.

Day 3: West Kelowna and Kelowna

The last day involved experiencing the Okanagan bucket list’s top winery—Mission Hill. We booked half an hour in advance for the Mission Hill Sommelier Experience. This is a $30 guided tour of the vineyards, the unique and mesmerizing cellar and the distinct tasting room, where wines are paired with incredible food. 

Our guide was very informative. The winery has one of the most impressive setups we saw and the wines were amazing. It was lunch time when we finished, so we decided to stay for lunch. We shared the charcuterie board and I had a wine-tasting selection. If ever I was to die and go to heaven, this would be it. But the local meats, cheeses and chutneys, along with the wines were consumed all too quickly.

From there, we moved on from refined, meticulous, famous Mission Hill winery to The Hatch. The quirky, eclectic winery was certainly different, but also a great find. The wines were tasty and what made the place even more unique was their playfulness of their bottles. As described on their website, “on a direct level, ‘the hatch’ is a tasting emporium, an emporium the likes not seen before here in The Okanagan.” It shows in their tasting room, grounds and wines.

Their Screaming Frenzy Shiraz (2016) was a mockery of the famous wineries of Wolf Blass and Yellowtail and you will need to go to their website to see the description and labeling. After visiting two distinct wineries in West Kelowna, we decided to head to the other side and into Kelowna itself.

The first stop was Meadow Vista Honey Wines, a beautiful small place. I had never had mead or honey-based wine before and was pleasantly surprised. It was a tad sweet for my nature, but my favourite was the mead Popsicle. It was delicious on a hot, sunny day as we walked around the grounds to see the bees.

Last stop was the House of Rose Winery, which was a great way to end the trip. We explored their vineyards with a self-guided tour and purchased the last of the 12 wines that would fill our wine box. 

It was close to our flight with Air North and we took our wine box and got a plane home to Whitehorse. Remembering the beautiful place that has been highly underrated in the world wine meccas of the world. I highly recommend a visit to the region and make sure to have some wine!

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