Manifesting an Adventure

Anybody ever read the book The Secret?

If you have, you know it is about manifesting your best life ever.

I spent the last hour manifesting my next motorcycle adventure. Physically, I’ve been sitting on an airplane travelling between Whitehorse and Vancouver. That means my motorcycle is not my best buddy on this trip. It is sitting at home, in the driveway, neglected as it has been for most of the summer because of other chosen plans and obligations.

This “not riding” has got to stop. Hence the current activity.

I am setting an intention – an intention to embark on an adventure.

A manifesting exercise means not just thinking about being on an adventure, but feeling about it as well. Thought, feelings, smells, sensations, all come together to create a vision of the future, as you would like it to be.

I want motorcycling adventure.

First, I think of a past trip and remind myself of the feeling of excitement I get as I start a trip. I get my body to remember the nervous feeling that always accompanies the start of my trips. Sometimes it’s because of an iffy weather report that, if the worst plays out, will turn my chosen route to an adventure (of the bad kind).

Other times it’s just pure anticipation.

It’s not a bad feeling, rather a delightful buzz that puts a great big grin on my face and gets me itching to ride.

In the next scene, I’m riding down the lane to the highway. The bike feels heavy with all the gear I’m going to need for … well, however long the trip itself decides to be. I am thinking months.

The heaviness connects me to the earth and to the road that will become my home.

On a motorcycle, the road is so much closer than in a four-wheel, enclosed vehicle. You can see the ground passing below you in every moment of your ride and your feet connect with the pavement or the dirt each time you stop.

There is an intimacy to connectedness. Like the connections we make in our relationships, this closeness carries a risk, edgy, but stimulating and seductive.

The last image is the end of a great day. Using a pannier as a back rest, I’m laying back, feeling the last warmth of the sunset on my wind-reddened face.

Sipping from my “medicine” flask, I raise a toast to the road gods, expressing my gratitude for the day, the bike itself, and for the adventure that, together, we have only just begun.

I breathe in the fullness of the dream one last time, then let it go, as a trusting prayer to the universe.

I am so fortunate. I can’t wait to find out what day I’ll be leaving. I hope its soon.

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