• Lily Gontard

    Author, Filmmaker

  • Helene Dobrowolsky


  • Deet Wise

    Folk singer-songwriter

  • Monika Steputh

    Potter, ceramics

  • Rosemary Piper

    Painter, watercolour

  • Keith Halliday

    Young Adult fiction

  • Soir De Semaine

    Franco-Rock, Ska, Reggae, Folk, Funk

  • Mehak Khan

    Wedding, family, brand photography

  • Tara Borin

    Poet, author

  • Calla Kinglit

    Folk, ambient

  • Sandra Grace Storey

    Sculptor: clay, ceramics

  • The Animal Warfare Act

    Heavy Metal

  • Gary & Brianne Bremmer

    GBP Creative: corporate, commercial, industrial, portrait photography

  • Nicole Bauberger

    Painter, mixed-media, writer

  • Nicholas Mah

    Classical, jazz, country, rock and flamenco guitar

  • Kate Weekes

    Folk singer-songwriter

  • Marty O’Brien

    Production, cinematography and directing

  • Ivan Coyote

    Storyteller, Author

  • Patrick Jacobson

    Indie-rock songwriter

  • Declan O’Donovan

    Folk, singer-songwriter

  • Gloria Andison

    Painter – acrylic, watercolour

  • Paris Pick

    Soul-Pop, R&B, Motown, Funk

  • Brook Martel

    Wedding, event, portrait photography

  • Dennis Shorty

    Painter, carver, jeweller, mixed media

  • Jennihouse

    Ambient post-mushroom-folk rock

  • Miche Genest

    Fine food writer

  • Lillian Nakamura Maguire

    Playwright, Storyteller

  • Cass Collins

    Painter: ink, watercolour, teacher

  • Dana Jennejohn and The Bennett Sun

    Singer-Songwriter, Folk, Bluegrass, Country

  • Jim Robb

    Painter, historian

  • Sputnik

    Psychedelic Rock, Stoner Rock, Alt-Rock, Astro-Rock

  • DJKJ

    Electronic, DJ

  • Peter Jickling

    Playwright, columnist

  • Jordy Walker

    Composer, producer, sound artist, sound designer and multi-instrumentalist.

  • Roy Ness

    Playwright, novelist

  • Lacey Mcloughlin

    Wedding, family photography

  • Claire Ness

    Singer-Songwriter, Folk, Old-Time, Country, Jazz, Swing, R&B

  • Naomi Mark

    Producer, director

  • Eugene Alfred


  • Eva Holland

    Whitehorse based versatile writer

  • Nathalie Parenteau

    Painter, acylic, oil, murals

  • Brandon Isaak

    One-man blues band

  • Fritz Mueller

    Photographer, filmmaker

  • Suzanne Crocker

    Filmmaker, documentary

  • Briana Tomlin

    Wedding, family & boudoir photography

  • Donald Watt


  • Church of Zombie

    Hard Rock, Punk, Zombie-Rock

  • Richard Shorty


  • Peter Steele

    Travel writer, biographer

  • Robert Postma

    Landscape, wildlife photography, teaching

Lily Gontard

Lily Gontard is a settler writer grateful to be living in the traditional territories of the Kwanlin Dün First Nation and Ta’an Kwäch’än Council. Her fiction, poetry and non-fiction have appeared in magazines such as Geist, The Puritan Magazine, and Up Here. She had a novel manuscript long-listed for the 2019 Guernica Price for Literary Fiction. Her book Beyond Mile Zero (Harbour Publishing, 2017) is a collaboration with Yukon photographer Mark Kelly that explores the vanishing Alaska Highway lodge community. 

Lily’s film and series projects in development include two documentary short films, a feature-length screenplay co-written with K. G. Green and two series co-written with Tonya Mallet.

Helene Dobrowolsky

Helene Dobrowolsky is a historian and an author based in Whitehorse, where she has operated a heritage consulting business with her partner, Rob Ingram, since 1988. Their many projects have included research, planning, writing, exhibit development, and interpretation. 

Deet Wise

I’m a folk singer-songwriter and make my home on the Yukon River outside of Dawson City.

Monika Steputh

Monika Steputh loves to create ceramic reflecting the impressions of her journeys. The places that inspired her have been majestic landscapes, like the Yukon; intense experiences like hiking through the wilderness of Siberia or being immersed into the ocean in a sea kayak.

An aesthetic of simplicity and tranquility influences her forms and colors, they preserve the spirit that her hands give to the ceramic. 
Her studio is in Haines Junction.

Rosemary Piper

“The creative process continually drives me to make images that range from the expressive spontaneity of painting, be it a tiny detailed rendition of a flower or berry, or a large vibrant landscape, to the technical renderings of graphic mediums,”

Keith Halliday

Keith Halliday is a Whitehorse-based management consultant and author. 

He is the author of the MacBride Museum Yukon Kids Series of historical youth adventure novels, which were inspired by tales he heard around woodstove from his pioneering grandparents. 

His latest book, The Tar Sands Diplomat, is inspired by his time as a Canadian diplomat in Brussels. 

Soir De Semaine

Soir de Semaine rouse the soul with their original lively music while fusing Franco-rock with ska, reggae, folk and funk. On stage Soir de Semaine create a visually rambunctious show, dressing up in costume and painting their faces. The band has play shows in schools, bar venues and especially festivals.

Soir de Semaine believes interaction is key to any performance, and they engage their audiences to participate in the show, bringing the joys of music and performance and creating an atmosphere of fun around them.

Marie-Maude Allard – Vocals/Accordion/Flute

Pascal St-Laurent – Vocals/Guitar/Ukulele

Alain DesRochers – Vocals/Bass

Marc Paradis – Drums

Cory Chouinard – Percussion

Mehak Khan

Hi! I am Mehak, a Whitehorse, Yukon based Family and Brand Photographer! 
I love freezing your moments, your love connections, your special days of life especially if it is your wedding, your unique personalities and even of your newborns, yes you heard it right! even newborns have personalities these days.

Tara Borin

Tara Borin’s chapbook manuscript Thick was a finalist for Quattro Books’ inaugural Best New Poets in Canada contest and is now available in Quattro’s Best New Poet’s anthology. Tara also has work forthcoming in the Resistance anthology, edited by Sue Goyette, from Coteau Books in 2020. Tara’s poems have been published in Prairie Fire, The Northern Review, The Maynard, Mom Egg Review, and elsewhere online.

A recent graduate of Simon Fraser University’s The Writer’s Studio Online, Tara is working on a book-length manuscript about addiction, connection and working in a sub-arctic dive bar.

Born in 1983 in London, Ontario, Tara Borin now makes a home in Dawson City, in traditional Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in territory.

Calla Kinglit

Calla Kinglit is a musician, songwriter and poet who draws inspiration from the awe of wilderness and exploring the human experience. She is currently recording her debut album comprised of songs written while living as a researcher in the Congo Basin in the Central African country of Cameroon, exploring the vast and redemptive beauty of her home base in Canada’s Yukon wilderness, manoeuvring through landslides in the Himalayas, and contemplating the spiritual journey of one small being. Calla’s music is characterized by haunting melodies combined with deep wilderness based lyrics. She is a multi instrumentalist, primarily writing on a warm hollow body electric guitar. “God River Waltz” and “Dreamer’s Sea”, Calla’s first singles, were released in 2016 and have since been played on CBC Radio 2 and are on rotation on CBC North.

Sandra Grace Storey

Artist Sandra Grace Storey creates animals and people with clay.  She loves to tell a story through her pieces.   

“Sandra hopes to blur the boundaries of ego and culture in order to celebrate simple feelings, memories and human nature.”   Art Adventures On Yukon Time

The Animal Warfare Act

The Animal Warfare Act is Whitehorse’s new heavy metal attack. Formed in 2018 by Warrmauth vocalist and guitarist Manus “CuddleBunny” Hopkins, The Animal Warfare Act aims to tackle serious real-world issues like pollution, gender violence and addiction, while creating invigorating, straight-up metal music. Visual aspects are also prominent in the band’s performances, with each member wearing a unique mask and portraying a themed character. The story goes that The Animal Warfare Act was created as a military initiative, with animals being genetically modified for combat. Their brains were fused with AI technology, which eventually led them to turn on humanity and eliminate the overgrown and destructive species. Soon, the world will recover from the catastrophic damage humans inflicted on it, as prophesized by The Animal Warfare Act through the group’s vicious music.

Gary & Brianne Bremmer

Together we are GBP Creative and we specialize in creating imagery that takes the everyday, and turns it into something meaningful.

We work with organizations and industries across the country to create marketing materials that help showcase what makes them unique and sets them apart from the crowd. Whether that’s industrial companies, hospitals, not-for-profits, or Entrepreneurs, our images help showcase ‘every day heroes’ and the jobs they do.

Nicole Bauberger

Nicole Bauberger’s art practice is mainly project-based. It depends what she sets out to do, what vision she is following. Finely honed skill in oil painting, begun over a 5-year apprenticeship stint in the 90’s, roots her artwork, but depending on what the moment calls for, she will use encaustic, acrylic, clay, teabags, puppets, research or songs on the ukulele, and writing.
Nicole is just as passionate writing about the arts.

WUY articles

Nicholas Mah

Award winning guitarist Nicholas Mah has been a fixture on the Canadian music scene for several decades. He is an active practitioner of classical, jazz, country, rock and flamenco guitar based out of Whitehorse, Yukon. With many years of studying music, teaching, writing and performing under his belt, Nick can compose in almost all genres of music. His work can be heard in recordings and films both locally and nationally.

Kate Weekes

Kate Weekes stood on the Trans-Canada Highway ten years ago; she stuck out her thumb and left Ontario for an adventure in the Yukon. Now deeply imbedded in the Yukon music community, Kate lives in a little orange cabin outside of Whitehorse and spends the Yukon winters working with 19 sled dogs. On her travels throughout Canada Kate has been moved to capture the stories of characters she meets along her way and ponder a sense of place within the varying lifestyles of our country. Her songs paint pictures of mushing through the mountains and paddling in the remote corners of the Yukon.

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Marty O’Brien

Marty O’Brien is an Australian filmmaker based in Whitehorse, Yukon. Marty has worked in the film industry for the past 8 years creating emotive, education and engaging documentary, scripted and commercial content. Marty’s first long form documentary the award winning film, Camera Trap was released in 2017 and has since screened at Hot Docs International Film Festival as well as over 15 international festivals.

Focusing primarily on producing, cinematography and directing, Marty has worked with a wide range of clients that include Mountain Equipment Co-op, Yukon Travel, CBC, Patagonia, CPAWS and Green Peace.

Ivan Coyote

Ivan Coyote is the award-winning author of twelve books, the creator of four short films, and has released three albums that combine storytelling with music. Ivan is a seasoned stage performer, and over the last twenty-five years has become an audience favourite at storytelling, writer’s, film, poetry, and folk music festivals from Anchorage to Australia.

Patrick Jacobson

Patrick Jacobson is a Whitehorse-based indie-rock songwriter. Originally hailing from Vancouver, he earned his reputation as the front man for The Capitals by writing endearing, dulcet anthems with crackerjack choruses. He also co-wrote songs and with The Top Drawers and The Luna Riot. Now he’s is returning to his roots with a guitar in his hands to sing for anybody who still enjoys a good melody.

Declan O’Donovan

Yukon grown musician Declan O’Donovan currently divides his time between Whitehorse and Montreal. Scotch was a party band, centred around brothers Ryan and Declan O’Donovan. 

Gloria Andison

I have been interested in art for most of my life, but taking courses while living in the northern Yukon was not an option, so I taught myself what I could with the use of art books, videos and on line courses.
I am best known for my acrylic airbrushed paintings of Northern Lights and Yukon scenes, and have recently added watercolour florals and hand painted winter scene and fireweed ornaments to my portfolio.
My hope is that people enjoy looking at my work as much as I love painting it, and that my images will tell my story.

Paris Pick

Paris Pick hitchhiked to Whitehorse Yukon when she was 18 years old from Vancouver islands Port Hardy, BC. The young & enthusiastic artist made herself known around town quickly by crashing open mics regularly with her singing, bass playing and of course, her ukulele. Busking on main street during her leisure time dressed like a pirate was also a phase not long forgotten.

5 Years later and now 23 years old, Paris has honed in on her best skill yet, being herself. Naturally comfortable in-front of a crowd, Paris captures audiences attention with her outrageous and fashionably flamboyant stage presence.

A fancy for 4-string instruments has Paris Pick tending to wield an electric ukulele plugged through various FX-pedals.

Paris’ melodies are heartening while her lyrical content remains candid, sassy and occasionaly fanciful.

Current Member of:  Paris Pick & The Pricks & Swamp Sex Robots 

Past Band Member of: Ukes of HazardThe Steiner Recliners & Sonic Poon 

Brook Martel

I’m Brooke. I was born in the NWT and have been living in Whitehorse, Yukon for over 20 years.

I love visual imagery and getting creative with painting, drawing, or taking photos — this is where I thrive. There is way more to photography than focus, composition and exposing.. there is an art for selecting the right moment. My favourites are the ‘in-between’ moments.. so you’ll notice in most of my work it’s not your typical smiling shot; it might be an intense stare from your very independent toddler, the giggles from your children, or the face of a new mom looking down at her new baby.. ahh I just can’t get enough of real, human emotion!

Dennis Shorty

My Art is a reflection of how I feel
I Denesini gushazi esguzua lete.
It is a spiritual connection to my ancestors.
I gushazi yeh gucho tsi gute doga.
People can see it and feel the energy that I put into each piece.
Dene megagunehtani eneta gushazi esdege metsi la nehtset.

Dennis Shorty was born under a tree at Pelly Lakes on the headwaters of the Pelly River near Ross River, Yukon.

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Based out of Whitehorse, Jennihouse provides ambient post-mushroom-folk rock, often improvised. Scott Maynard grew up in London, UK, and as a teenager moved to Toronto, where he lived for the next 25 years. Scott moved to the Yukon full time in 2013, and ran the open mic at the Gold Rush Inn for a couple of years, which is where he met Sam. Sam Gallagher hails from rural New Brunswick and arrived in the Yukon with his family and two cats, 18 years ago. He has been playing lap steel for about the last 30 years, mostly self-taught except for a few lessons with the late great Aylie Sparks.

Miche Genest

I’m a writer and a cook living in Whitehorse and for years I’ve been putting those two preoccupations together.  One feeds the other. One saves me from the other. Writer’s block? Pas de problème, I will scurry to the kitchen. Kitchen failure? Oh well, at least I can write. Those two passions have intersected and cross-pollinated and resulted in several cookbooks and a regular column for Yukon, North of Ordinary Magazine, as well as contributions for What’s Up Yukon.

Lillian Nakamura Maguire

Lillian Nakamura Maguire is a second-generation Japanese Canadian, new playwright living and retired in the countryside near Whitehorse, Yukon.  Her first play, Hidden Memories was accepted by Ruby Slippers Theatre “Advance Theatre: New Works by Diverse Women” for reading at the 2017 Vancouver Fringe Festival, in partnership with the Fringe Festival and Equity in Theatre. She received a National Association of Japanese Canadians Endowment Fund grant in 2016 to assist in the development of the play.

Throughout her career as an adult educator, facilitator and community activist she has used stories in her work in human rights education, elder abuse prevention and intercultural relations. She has written and produced short digital stories on these themes and her family history. She is a founding member of the Hidden Histories Society Yukon, a volunteer group doing research, producing displays and sponsoring educational activities mainly related to Asian and Black history of the Yukon. She also enjoys writing short stories, memoir and haiku. 

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Cass Collins

Artist and graphic designer Cass Collins left the town where she was born and raised, Whitehorse, Yukon, to study illustration and design at Capilano University in North Vancouver, BC.  After receiving her diploma, she returned north and settled on the outskirts of Atlin, BC to pursue a self-sufficient life style.

Cass’s paintings have a graphic look and strong design sense. Acrylic paints or watercolour and ink are her primary mediums. Most recently, she has been exploring watercolour techniques for a series of farm-animal illustrations she is working on. Inspiration comes from her animals and garden, neighbouring farms, the land and wildlife surrounding her.

In addition to her studio work Cass also teaches art classes. 

Dana Jennejohn and The Bennett Sun

Should you catch a performance of Dana Jennejohn and The Bennett Sun, you’ll hear mountain to valley, northern Canadiana singer-songwriter music with a hint of the traditional south. Hailing from Whitehorse, the band has a sound described as tumbleweed pop and city folk with original songs that are inspired by northern living and landscape. The Bennett Sun’s harmony rich music ranges from folk, country and roots to the collaborative bluegrass tradition. Dana Jennejohn and The Bennett Sun released their first EP in 2015 followed by a full-length album in 2018. The band performs at venues from tiny homes to concert halls and events from pond hockey tournaments to festivals including Kluane Mountain Bluegrass Festival and The Wood Stove Festival (Cumberland, BC).

Jim Robb

Since the late 1950s, Jim’s true passion has been gathering, recording and promoting Yukon history. Put it on paper with words, but above all with pen, ink, colour, adding his very own touch. A real colourful 5 percenter himself now, he was awarded “The Order of Canada” in 2003 for his magnificent contribution to gathering and preserving the Yukon’s heritage.


Sputnik is a psychedelic-rock trio based out of Whitehorse, Yukon. Formed by Sudbury-import Zacharie Pelland & local garbage man Aiden Tentrees joined by Lee Campese on drums. Performing a solid original repertoire of songs about alien abductions, perception ascension, mass soul exile, programmed cyborgs and cartoons. Successfully touring from Yukon to Montreal after their self-titled album ‘The Sputnik Experiment’ was released shortly after the bands formation. Currently Sputnik resides in the Yukon. Continuously writing, and only performing at the most appropriate opportunities that can accompany their brand of estranged astro-stoner rock.


Home grown in the land of the Midnight Sun, long-time electronic music enthusiast DJKJ hails out of Whitehorse, Yukon. Aided by over a decade of DJing and a deep appreciation of the relationships born in raves, DJKJ’s passion resonates through intricate melodies, dirty beats and stompy layers lying deep beneath the surface. Having spent many years playing at all of the local watering holes (alongside local hard-hitters and international acts alike), DJKJ has pioneered the Yukon’s electronic music scene since 2001. Having opened the stages for acts like Deekline, Krafty Kuts, Jon Horvath, Ali B, Matt the Alien, and many more. Throughout holding multiple residencies in the Yukon, KJ has also played abroad in Vancouver B.C., Haines Alaska, and Sayulita Mexico, and DJing special events (including loud, elaborate parties in the woods) and promoting his own shows, DJKJ has had a lot of time to evolve, expand and establish his personal sound. DJKJ is the founder, creator, and president of the Paradise Electronic Music Festival in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada.

Peter Jickling

Peter Jickling grew up in Whitehorse, and received an honours degree in philosophy from the University of Lethbridge in 2005. He became Associate Editor of Up Here Magazine in 2011. That same year, his first play, Syphilis: A Love Story, was produced in Whitehorse by Ramshackle Theatre and subsequently toured western Canada, winning Best Comedy at the Victoria Fringe Festival. Later, he edited What’s Up Yukon, where he wrote a weekly column, “Jickling’s Jabberings.” In winter 2016 he went to Toronto to write. This resulted in Downtown Flirt.

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Jordy Walker

Jordy Walker is a versatile composer, producer, sound artist, sound designer and multi-instrumentalist.

Jordy’s roots are in jazz and classical guitar, his approach combines creative invention with a knowledge of tradition. His works have been featured in dance and theatrical productions, documentaries and short films for the likes of CBC, NFB, Discovery Channel and HIFI. Jordy has performed and/or recorded with Mary Margeret O’Hara, Christine Fellows, Veda Hille, Oliver Schroer, Tanya Tagaq, Michael Feuerstack, Richard Reed Parry, Little Scream and others.

Roy Ness

Writer, actor and commentator on stage, radio and film, Roy Ness lives near Whitehorse, and keeps busy growing things and riding his horses. He has written for the stage and released a novel, Rutting Season, that raises challenging questions about the balance between hunting for sport and hunting for survival.

Lacey Mcloughlin

I’m Lacey, I am a lifestyle, newborn, birth, family and wedding photographer in Whitehorse, Yukon. I am a mother to two sweet, fabulously determined little ones and married to my best friend.  

I create in many different ways, but my excitement and drive in photography comes from creating sessions with clients that are meaningful to them – capturing those cherished, fun, and wild moments that make up our lives.

Claire Ness

Claire Ness grew up singing Broadway show tunes, Motown melodies and outlaw country oldies while exploring the Yukon wilderness by horseback and canoe. Never far from her guitar, Claire writes prolifically in both English and French, with jazz and blues influences often wrapped into rootsy folk songs. Her catchy tunes feature poetry, storytelling, imagery and metaphor, and an abundance of humour and imagination.

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Naomi Mark

Naomi Mark spent the majority of her twenties crafting stories for screen in both drama and documentary. Influenced by her upbringing in Northern Canada Naomi has produced and directed a wide variety of content including music videos, commercials, short films, experimental films and short and long form documentaries.

Naomi has produced and directed films for CBC, Knowledge Network and Northwestel Community TV. Her recent work includes co-directing and producing the short fiction film Grey Mountain, the short documentary Underdog and producing the critically acclaimed feature documentary Aim for the Roses. How to Bee, a 2019 feature film for Knowledge Network is Naomi’s feature debut. 

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Eugene Alfred

Eugene Alfred is an artist/carver of Northern Tutchone and Tlingit ancestry, who belongs to the Crow Clan of Selkirk First Nation, located in Pelly Crossing, Yukon. Working in the Tlingit style and using Northern Tutchone stories carved in realistic imagery, Eugene carves birch, alder, and cedars, which he carefully harvests and cures. Using an array of over two-hundred hand tools, he carves masks, bowls, rattles, and sculpture panels. He believes that his art defines him and the respect he has for the land.

Eva Holland

Eva is a multi-faceted freelance writer based in Whitehorse – travel writing, sports writing, movie reviews, grant writing, copy writing, blogging. You can find her stories in Outside, WIRED, Pacific Standard, Bloomberg Businessweek, AFAR, Grantland, The Walrus, Canadian Geographic, Hakai, Hazlitt, and many more outlets in print and online.
These days, she focuses more on narrative nonfiction in its various forms: personal essays, reported features, and all the shades in between. Her latest book Nerve: Adventure in the Science of Fair was released in Aprill 2020.
You can read about it in Rolling Stone, among many others!

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Nathalie Parenteau

Nathalie’s style is easily recognizable and is collected by people from all over the world. She works both in acrylics and oils and is known for her sensitive representation of the subject in its environment. Her work is sold extensively across Canada and the United States.

Brandon Isaak

Brandon Isaak is a one man band playing a foot operated drum kit, neck rack harmonica, guitar and vocals. His original blues songs ring with authenticity and wit and his singing, guitar and harmonica playing are the living spirit of the best of the blues today! I consider Brandon to be a national treasure!
      – Jack Lavin – “Powder Blues”

Fritz Mueller

Filmmaker/photographer Fritz Mueller (MSc.) has spent three decades in Canada’s North with a career that spans science, government, visual art and business. He directed and shot Journeys to Adäka, a film that resulted from a decade of collaboration with the Yukon First Nation cultural community. He recently completed Aurora Love, a film about the undeniable attraction of the northern lights. With his partner, Teresa, he’s produced some substantial projects including field research programs, demanding northern shoots, and a critically-acclaimed book of photography.

Fritz is an award-winning photographer and Fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society.
Learn more about his work and his equipment at Fritz Mueller Visuals

Suzanne Crocker

Suzanne Crocker, Yukon filmmaker, switched careers from rural family physician to filmmaker in 2009.  

All The Time In The World (2014), Suzanne’s first feature length documentary, won 22 Festival Awards from around the world including 9 Audience Choice Awards. The film won Most Popular Canadian Documentary at the Vancouver International Film Festival and Top 20 Audience Picksat Hot Docs. It has screened on every continent, in over 25 countries and been translated into 12 languages. Theatrically released in Canada, USA and internationally. Broadcast in Canada (Super Channel) and internationally including NHK Japan. It continues to screen around the world. 

Briana Tomlin

I’m a wedding and family photographer serving Whitehorse, Yukon and surrounding areas. I’m a dog mom, step-mom, chocolate addict and a traveler at heart. 
I also love boudoir photography. Are you ready to say yes to yourself and join me in the studio for the experience of a lifetime?
An experience that will transform the way you see yourself. 

Donald Watt

Northern mythology around Raven has always interested me. Raven is a creature that can shape shift between bird and human form. My current work catches Raven in mid change… Raven Ladies, Mervens, Fox Ladies, and Bear Ladies have attitude and real life women’s bodies. 

Any day you get to see a raven is a lucky day.

Church of Zombie

Church of Zombie (CoZ) is a hard rock / punk group from Whitehorse, Yukon. Drawing upon a diverse range of influences from ska to 1980’s hair metal, their music is flavoured with danceable grooves and deliciously-bated hooks crafted to keep an audience engaged and moving. CoZ’s growing repertoire is composed exclusively of original works penned by guitarist/vocalist Clancy McInnis, and polished to sonic perfection by bassist Lane Currie, drummer Daniel Dunphy, and lead guitarist Jordan Schmidt. These veterans of the Whitehorse music scene (Mr. Vein, The Midnight Sons, Off the Menu) have come together to collaborate on this fresh new project. CoZ’s live performances are engaging and dynamic. They often incorporate visual and theatrical elements, creating a memorable experience for show-goers. CoZ’s diverse setlists will have the audience dancing to one song, and headbanging to the next. Each performance is full of surprises, with natural frontman Clancy McInnis’ antics grounded by the band’s tight, well-polished material.

Richard Shorty

Richard Shorty was born in 1959 into the Northern Tutchone First Nation. Richard is a self-taught First Nations artist. He originally started painting wildlife at an early age, along with painting his favorite rock star and sports idols in the early 1970’s. He was raised in Whitehorse, Yukon and moved to Vancouver in 1978 where he began his career as a graphic artist.

Richard’s unique style combines elements of traditional and contemporary design. He is an extremely versatile artist, having worked on drums, paddles, masks, boxes and rattles as well as his paintings. His pieces are collected nationwide.

In the summers Richard can often be found back in the Yukon.

Peter Steele

Retired doctor and mountaineer Peter Steele was born in England. He lived and travelled in Nepal, Bhutan, and the Sahara before settling in Whitehorse, Yukon with his family in 1975. He has written several books on his travels, a medical guide for backcountry adventurers, and two biographies: Eric Shipton: Everest and Beyond and The Man Who Mapped the Arctic: The Intrepid life of George Back, Franklin’s Lieutenant. His latest book encapsulates 50 years of stories and was published in 2020.
Read about it here

Robert Postma

Robert is an award-winning landscape and wildlife photographer who has traveled extensively through Iceland, Africa, South America and his home country, Canada. His photography passion has led to develop many skills in the areas of night, aurora, landscape, wildlife and travel photography. He has been published thousands of time in calendars, books, magazines and corporate publications. His willingness to teach, coupled with being a really cool and handsome fellow make him one of the better photo teachers out there who can help take your photos to a new level, no matter where you are at with your images.