• David Curtis

    Filmmaker, documentary

  • Mehak Khan

    Wedding, family, brand photography

  • Halin de Repentigny

    Painter: oil, murals

  • John Firth

    History Buff

  • Grant Douglas

    Wedding, event photography

  • Peter Jickling

    Playwright, columnist

  • Brandon Isaak

    One-man blues band

  • Bob Hayes

    Novelist, biologist

  • Nicholas Mah

    Classical, jazz, country, rock and flamenco guitar

  • The Animal Warfare Act

    Heavy Metal

  • Naomi Mark

    Producer, director

  • Meshell Melvin

    Textile art

  • Briana Tomlin

    Wedding, family & boudoir photography

  • Lori Fox

    Writer, Journalist, Storyteller

  • Speed Control

    Rock & Roll, Harmony Rock, High-Energy

  • Miche Genest

    Fine food writer

  • Kate Weekes

    Folk singer-songwriter

  • Joseph Tisiga

    multidisciplinary arts

  • Fredrick Lemke

    Painter – watercolour

  • Virginia Wilson

    Painter, acrylics and more

  • Roxx Hunter

    Rock, Reggae, Jazz, Multi-Genre, guitar and bass player

  • Niki Parry

    Painter, fluid acrylics

  • Tara Borin

    Poet, author

  • Kathy Munro

    Poetry, Haiku

  • Eugene Alfred


  • Michael Gates


  • Katie Avery

    Folk, Classical

  • Dana Jennejohn and The Bennett Sun

    Singer-Songwriter, Folk, Bluegrass, Country

  • Peter Mather

    Wildlife photography

  • Ann Mackenzie

    Textile artist: felting, weaving

  • Heather Von Steinhagen

    Painter, drawing, mixed media

  • Max Fraser

    Filmmaker, historical documentary

  • Marty O’Brien

    Production, cinematography and directing

  • Libby Dulac

    Painter – watercolour, oil, acrylic

  • Keith Halliday

    Young Adult fiction

  • Vince Fedoroff

    Press, people and ravens photography

  • Nicole Bauberger

    Painter, mixed-media, writer

  • Sydney Oland

    Fine food creator, blogger

  • The Lucky Ones

    Country, Bluegrass, Folk

  • Patrick Royle


  • Eva Holland

    Whitehorse based versatile writer

  • Peter Steele

    Travel writer, biographer

  • Soir De Semaine

    Franco-Rock, Ska, Reggae, Folk, Funk

  • Susanne Hausermann

    Textile art

  • Andrew Connors

    Filmmaker, Programmer

  • The Dark Fruits

    Northern Rock

  • Jim Robb

    Painter, historian

  • Swamp Sex Robots

    Swamp-Rock, Alt-Rock

  • Suzanne Paleczny

    Painter, Sculptor

  • Patrick Jacobson

    Indie-rock songwriter

David Curtis

David is an off-grid dwelling commercial fisher, carpenter and artist who has had the honour and privilege of living in Dawson City, within the Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in traditional territory, Yukon since 1998.

David’s work focuses on the associative possibilities between form, subject and meaning, and is predicated on the idea that poetry, passion and humility are not only important to being human, but essential to our survival. Sovereign Soil is David’s first feature documentary and is part of a planned triptych of works exploring the intimacies, paradoxes and cultures of his community’s evolving relationship to its lands, flora and fauna. 

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Mehak Khan

Hi! I am Mehak, a Whitehorse, Yukon based Family and Brand Photographer! 
I love freezing your moments, your love connections, your special days of life especially if it is your wedding, your unique personalities and even of your newborns, yes you heard it right! even newborns have personalities these days.

Halin de Repentigny

Halin de Repentigny is an acclaimed artist with paintings held in national and international collections. Originally from Montreal, Halin first made his name when he moved to Dawson City, Yukon. He became well known for his depictions of life in Canada’s Klondike, interpreting the beauty and majesty of the remote northern wilderness and capturing it on canvas.

John Firth

John was raised in Dawson City, Yukon, where the Klondike Gold Rush was his backyard. He worked as a journalist, sewer rat, heavy equipment operator, prospector, public relations director, theatre owner and financial planner before retiring to become a full-time writer.

John Firth is our own contemporary Yukon storyteller.  

Firth’s books profile a wide variety of subject matter from Racing the Ghosts of the Klondike Rush, to the one and only Jamaican dog sled entry in the 2009 Yukon Quest, and supported Ramesh Ferris in his “Better than a Cure” journey, when Ferris hand-cycled 7,000 kilometres across Canada.

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Grant Douglas

real people, real moments, real memories, real photography

Peter Jickling

Peter Jickling grew up in Whitehorse, and received an honours degree in philosophy from the University of Lethbridge in 2005. He became Associate Editor of Up Here Magazine in 2011. That same year, his first play, Syphilis: A Love Story, was produced in Whitehorse by Ramshackle Theatre and subsequently toured western Canada, winning Best Comedy at the Victoria Fringe Festival. Later, he edited What’s Up Yukon, where he wrote a weekly column, “Jickling’s Jabberings.” In winter 2016 he went to Toronto to write. This resulted in Downtown Flirt.

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Brandon Isaak

Brandon Isaak is a one man band playing a foot operated drum kit, neck rack harmonica, guitar and vocals. His original blues songs ring with authenticity and wit and his singing, guitar and harmonica playing are the living spirit of the best of the blues today! I consider Brandon to be a national treasure!
      – Jack Lavin – “Powder Blues”

Bob Hayes

Haines Juction resident Bob Hayes landed in the Yukon wilderness in 1976 and spent a career studying ducks, falcons, moose, caribou, mountain sheep and wolves.

After retiring as Yukon wolf biologist, he wrote Wolves of the Yukon that won acclaim for the easy, non-science writing style. The book was translated into German, and sold out its first printing. He is a believer in quality independent-publishing, recognizing that working with a hand-picked team of talented editors, family and friends is the most rewarding element of publishing.  

Zhòh: The Clan of the Wolf, is his first novel. The Spirit of the Wolf, is Book 2 in the series.

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Nicholas Mah

Award winning guitarist Nicholas Mah has been a fixture on the Canadian music scene for several decades. He is an active practitioner of classical, jazz, country, rock and flamenco guitar based out of Whitehorse, Yukon. With many years of studying music, teaching, writing and performing under his belt, Nick can compose in almost all genres of music. His work can be heard in recordings and films both locally and nationally.

The Animal Warfare Act

The Animal Warfare Act is Whitehorse’s new heavy metal attack. Formed in 2018 by Warrmauth vocalist and guitarist Manus “CuddleBunny” Hopkins, The Animal Warfare Act aims to tackle serious real-world issues like pollution, gender violence and addiction, while creating invigorating, straight-up metal music. Visual aspects are also prominent in the band’s performances, with each member wearing a unique mask and portraying a themed character. The story goes that The Animal Warfare Act was created as a military initiative, with animals being genetically modified for combat. Their brains were fused with AI technology, which eventually led them to turn on humanity and eliminate the overgrown and destructive species. Soon, the world will recover from the catastrophic damage humans inflicted on it, as prophesized by The Animal Warfare Act through the group’s vicious music.

Naomi Mark

Naomi Mark spent the majority of her twenties crafting stories for screen in both drama and documentary. Influenced by her upbringing in Northern Canada Naomi has produced and directed a wide variety of content including music videos, commercials, short films, experimental films and short and long form documentaries.

Naomi has produced and directed films for CBC, Knowledge Network and Northwestel Community TV. Her recent work includes co-directing and producing the short fiction film Grey Mountain, the short documentary Underdog and producing the critically acclaimed feature documentary Aim for the Roses. How to Bee, a 2019 feature film for Knowledge Network is Naomi’s feature debut. 

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Meshell Melvin

From her beginnings in southern Ontario to the Yukon home she chose, Meshell Melvin has been making art. In a professional practice that spans 28 years, her images have been drawn, printed, painted, animated, collaged, and embroidered. Hand in handle with ‘The Universal Movement Machine’, a rare industrial chain-stitch embroiderer; Meshell has been embroidering portraits of Yukon citizens. Her images reflect an interest and curiosity in the world around her: the people, the homes they live in, and the surrounding landscape.

Briana Tomlin

I’m a wedding and family photographer serving Whitehorse, Yukon and surrounding areas. I’m a dog mom, step-mom, chocolate addict and a traveler at heart. 
I also love boudoir photography. Are you ready to say yes to yourself and join me in the studio for the experience of a lifetime?
An experience that will transform the way you see yourself. 

Lori Fox

Lori Fox is a writer and journalist based in Whitehorse, although they travel frequently and would be hard pressed to tell you exactly where they plan on being tomorrow. They live off-grid a good portion of the time with their trusty bush-dog-cum-news hound, Herman.

Their essays and reporting are featured frequently in Vice Canada, but have also appeared in The Guardian, The Narwhal, Yukon News, The Walrus and The Globe and Mail. They write about Northern and environmental issues, queer rights, literature, culture and feminism. They also writes an inordinate amount about bears.

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Speed Control

Straight out of -40 degrees in Canada’s Yukon, comes the power trio Speed Control with super tight, riff heavy, harmony rock. Steeped in a jazz and classical background they have turned to their true passion – rock n’ roll.

Miche Genest

I’m a writer and a cook living in Whitehorse and for years I’ve been putting those two preoccupations together.  One feeds the other. One saves me from the other. Writer’s block? Pas de problème, I will scurry to the kitchen. Kitchen failure? Oh well, at least I can write. Those two passions have intersected and cross-pollinated and resulted in several cookbooks and a regular column for Yukon, North of Ordinary Magazine, as well as contributions for What’s Up Yukon.

Kate Weekes

Kate Weekes stood on the Trans-Canada Highway ten years ago; she stuck out her thumb and left Ontario for an adventure in the Yukon. Now deeply imbedded in the Yukon music community, Kate lives in a little orange cabin outside of Whitehorse and spends the Yukon winters working with 19 sled dogs. On her travels throughout Canada Kate has been moved to capture the stories of characters she meets along her way and ponder a sense of place within the varying lifestyles of our country. Her songs paint pictures of mushing through the mountains and paddling in the remote corners of the Yukon.

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Joseph Tisiga

Joseph Tisiga (b.1984) is Kaska Dene First Nation and of mixed European heritage, currently living in Whitehorse, Yukon. Tisiga’s multidisciplinary practice includes performance, photography, sculpture, installation, however painting and drawing are situated at the root. His work examines notions of identity, cultural and social inheritance, the mundane, the metaphysical mythological, etc… which filter through an evolving narrative construct and are unified in his practice.

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Fredrick Lemke

Apart from an incidental course taken in his lithographic training, Fredrick is largely self-taught. His paintings carry a sense of quiet satisfaction as he strives to depict the beauty and tranquility of the northern country, some of it still unspoiled and hardly touched by man. 

Virginia Wilson

“I paint real places. I want my paintings to reflect moments when I have stopped and looked and been filled with pleasure at what I see.”

Roxx Hunter

Roxx Hunter is a well-versed, exciting musician who has played in Canada, the US, the Middle East, Asia, and Europe, achieving critical acclaim for his skills on the guitar, as a bassist, and as a singer/songwriter.

Roxx is also a member of Soul Migration on guitar and vocals 

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Niki Parry

Niki’s artwork mostly represents natural scenes in an almost abstract sense, utilizing silhouettes to create an intense contrast and enhance the bright, vibrant nature of the fluid colours.  She also produces colourful jewelry from the recycled acrylic paint used in her fluid painting process.

Tara Borin

Tara Borin’s chapbook manuscript Thick was a finalist for Quattro Books’ inaugural Best New Poets in Canada contest and is now available in Quattro’s Best New Poet’s anthology. Tara also has work forthcoming in the Resistance anthology, edited by Sue Goyette, from Coteau Books in 2020. Tara’s poems have been published in Prairie Fire, The Northern Review, The Maynard, Mom Egg Review, and elsewhere online.

A recent graduate of Simon Fraser University’s The Writer’s Studio Online, Tara is working on a book-length manuscript about addiction, connection and working in a sub-arctic dive bar.

Born in 1983 in London, Ontario, Tara Borin now makes a home in Dawson City, in traditional Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in territory.

Kathy Munro

Munro is originally from Vancouver, but has lived in the Yukon since 1991. She is membership secretary for Haiku Canada, a member of the League of Canadian Poets and is active in Yukon Writers’ Collective Ink. In 2014, she founded solstice haiku, a haiku discussion group in Whitehorse that she continues to facilitate. Munro has read her poetry, delivered workshops and made presentations at literary events in both Canada and the United States.

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Eugene Alfred

Eugene Alfred is an artist/carver of Northern Tutchone and Tlingit ancestry, who belongs to the Crow Clan of Selkirk First Nation, located in Pelly Crossing, Yukon. Working in the Tlingit style and using Northern Tutchone stories carved in realistic imagery, Eugene carves birch, alder, and cedars, which he carefully harvests and cures. Using an array of over two-hundred hand tools, he carves masks, bowls, rattles, and sculpture panels. He believes that his art defines him and the respect he has for the land.

Michael Gates

Long time Dawsonite Michael Gates has worked in the cultural resource field in the Yukon for more than 40 years. He was the curator of collections for Parks Canada in Dawson City for 20 of them. He has written numerous technical papers on museology and cultural resource management, hundreds of articles and three books on Yukon history.

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Katie Avery

Dana Jennejohn and The Bennett Sun

Should you catch a performance of Dana Jennejohn and The Bennett Sun, you’ll hear mountain to valley, northern Canadiana singer-songwriter music with a hint of the traditional south. Hailing from Whitehorse, the band has a sound described as tumbleweed pop and city folk with original songs that are inspired by northern living and landscape. The Bennett Sun’s harmony rich music ranges from folk, country and roots to the collaborative bluegrass tradition. Dana Jennejohn and The Bennett Sun released their first EP in 2015 followed by a full-length album in 2018. The band performs at venues from tiny homes to concert halls and events from pond hockey tournaments to festivals including Kluane Mountain Bluegrass Festival and The Wood Stove Festival (Cumberland, BC).

Peter Mather

Photography provides me with the excuse to adventure and provides me with an opportunity to tell interesting, important and inspiring stories. I hope that my photography inspires us to be empathetic humans, with compassion for people we don’t understand, our natural world and the animals that share this small planet with us.

I am very proud to be a fellow in the International League of Conservation Photographers, to be represented by National Geographic Image Collection and Minden Pictures stock agencies, and to be an ambassador for Panasonic Cameras.

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Ann Mackenzie

Ann Mackenzie was born and lived in the highlands of Scotland on a sheep farm. Ironically, it was not until she arrived in the Yukon in 1974 and joined the Northern Fibers Guild that she was introduced to spinning, weaving and later on, felting. Felting has been her passion ever since.

She is attracted to felting by its simplicity, as an excellent medium for color and freedom of expression. Being as simple or as complicated as you want it to be has allowed her to teach in the schools from kindergarten to grade 12, and to use it as therapy for the mentally and physically challenged.

Heather Von Steinhagen

Art is a conduit for ideas, encompassing emotions, thoughts, and symbolism, affecting each observer in unique ways. I am aware of the integrated connotations and patterns in shapes and symbols and by using space as subject and element, the ultimate concept of an art piece may be obscure allowing a playfulness of meaning with the observer. I am confident to create artwork that is not only personal to my own experiences but to create visual codes which act as a nod of understanding between art and viewer as there are infinite patterns of connection.

Max Fraser

Max Fraser is an independent Yukon filmmaker whose most recent production is Bond of Strangers – The OpHusky Digital Experience.  This 2017 digital media creation is an interactive website based on his 54-minute documentary film Bond of Strangers – The Operation Husky Story which was released in the fall of 2015.

Marty O’Brien

Marty O’Brien is an Australian filmmaker based in Whitehorse, Yukon. Marty has worked in the film industry for the past 8 years creating emotive, education and engaging documentary, scripted and commercial content. Marty’s first long form documentary the award winning film, Camera Trap was released in 2017 and has since screened at Hot Docs International Film Festival as well as over 15 international festivals.

Focusing primarily on producing, cinematography and directing, Marty has worked with a wide range of clients that include Mountain Equipment Co-op, Yukon Travel, CBC, Patagonia, CPAWS and Green Peace.

Libby Dulac

“The North is my home and the majesty of the Kluane region continues to be the inspiration for most of my work.” 

Libby has lived in Haines Junction since 1975. The magnificent panoramic view she enjoys from her log home and the ever changing light keep her always inspired. It is her hope that her paintings reflect her passion for the awesome scenery, from mountain and icefield grandeur to lake, forest and wildflower splendour.

Keith Halliday

Keith Halliday is a Whitehorse-based management consultant and author. 

He is the author of the MacBride Museum Yukon Kids Series of historical youth adventure novels, which were inspired by tales he heard around woodstove from his pioneering grandparents. 

His latest book, The Tar Sands Diplomat, is inspired by his time as a Canadian diplomat in Brussels. 

Vince Fedoroff

Photographer for the Whitehorse Star since even he can’t remember, when he’s not busy covering absolutely everything under the Yukon skies, he trains his lens on its perennial denizens: ravens.

Nicole Bauberger

Nicole Bauberger’s art practice is mainly project-based. It depends what she sets out to do, what vision she is following. Finely honed skill in oil painting, begun over a 5-year apprenticeship stint in the 90’s, roots her artwork, but depending on what the moment calls for, she will use encaustic, acrylic, clay, teabags, puppets, research or songs on the ukulele, and writing.
Nicole is just as passionate writing about the arts.

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Sydney Oland

I regularly contribute a variety of seasonal recipes to the Boston Globe Food Section. I’ve written a few weekly columns for SeriousEats in the past – mostly brunch, supper and British recipes. Lately you can find my recipes popping up in What’s Up Yukon. And there’s usually a freelance client or two coming and going.

The Lucky Ones

The Lucky Ones are a Yukon band with members contributing from Lake Laberge to Old Crow, Whitehorse to Dawson City, and Faro. They grew up listening to the music of their parents, and their parents’ parents before them.​The Lucky Ones’ unique brand of authentic country-roots music imparts traditional arrangements with a contemporary disposition, reminiscent of old-time dances in hotel taverns and barrooms, barns, kitchens and saloons.​Recipients of the 2018 Professional Recording Grant from the Yukon Film & Sound Commission, The Lucky Ones make their debut walking in the footsteps of such Northern Canadiana icons as Hank Karr, Al Oster, Buddy Tabor, and the Pointer Brothers.​

Patrick Royle

Patrick makes functional and sculptural stoneware and raku at his Raven Pottery studio amongst the woods near Whitehorse, Yukon. His handmade lines of pottery are safe for use in a dishwasher, an oven and a microwave. His ‘Fireweed’ line of stoneware can be found in collection here at Yukon Artists at Work. His work is also found in the Nation Art Bank.

Eva Holland

Eva is a multi-faceted freelance writer based in Whitehorse – travel writing, sports writing, movie reviews, grant writing, copy writing, blogging. You can find her stories in Outside, WIRED, Pacific Standard, Bloomberg Businessweek, AFAR, Grantland, The Walrus, Canadian Geographic, Hakai, Hazlitt, and many more outlets in print and online.
These days, she focuses more on narrative nonfiction in its various forms: personal essays, reported features, and all the shades in between. Her latest book Nerve: Adventure in the Science of Fair was released in Aprill 2020.
You can read about it in Rolling Stone, among many others!

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Peter Steele

Retired doctor and mountaineer Peter Steele was born in England. He lived and travelled in Nepal, Bhutan, and the Sahara before settling in Whitehorse, Yukon with his family in 1975. He has written several books on his travels, a medical guide for backcountry adventurers, and two biographies: Eric Shipton: Everest and Beyond and The Man Who Mapped the Arctic: The Intrepid life of George Back, Franklin’s Lieutenant. His latest book encapsulates 50 years of stories and was published in 2020.
Read about it here

Soir De Semaine

Soir de Semaine rouse the soul with their original lively music while fusing Franco-rock with ska, reggae, folk and funk. On stage Soir de Semaine create a visually rambunctious show, dressing up in costume and painting their faces. The band has play shows in schools, bar venues and especially festivals.

Soir de Semaine believes interaction is key to any performance, and they engage their audiences to participate in the show, bringing the joys of music and performance and creating an atmosphere of fun around them.

Marie-Maude Allard – Vocals/Accordion/Flute

Pascal St-Laurent – Vocals/Guitar/Ukulele

Alain DesRochers – Vocals/Bass

Marc Paradis – Drums

Cory Chouinard – Percussion

Susanne Hausermann

“Yukon’s gorgeous nature is my inspiration. Colors and fabrics are my passion.”

My love for fabrics and textiles began when I was in kindergarten. By the age of twenty-four, I made my first traditional quilt. More than anything else in my life, I found that I was attracted to visual arts. Over the years I developed my quilting skills whenever I could find a little bit of time.

Andrew Connors

Andrew has directed and written short and medium length film and television productions that have been screened on CBC Newsworld, Bravo! and at film festivals around the world.

He is the Artistic Director of the Yukon Film Society and the Festival Director of the Available Light Film Festival.

The Dark Fruits

The Dark Fruits is a northern rock project from collaborators Jordy Walker, Micah Smith, Patrick Docherty, and debut singer-songwriter, Jeff Wolosewich. 

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Jim Robb

Since the late 1950s, Jim’s true passion has been gathering, recording and promoting Yukon history. Put it on paper with words, but above all with pen, ink, colour, adding his very own touch. A real colourful 5 percenter himself now, he was awarded “The Order of Canada” in 2003 for his magnificent contribution to gathering and preserving the Yukon’s heritage.

Swamp Sex Robots

Swamp Sex Robots is a swamp-rock duo based out of Whitehorse, Yukon featuring Aiden Tentrees & Paris Pick. They could be described as a ween-esque mix of hip-hop influenced bass lines combined with gritty guitar melodies topped off with intense lead female vocals alongside soft & sometimes silly harmonies.

Suzanne Paleczny

Suzanne lives and works in Whitehorse, Yukon. Her primary media are oil painting and sculpture using a variety of materials such as driftwood, clay, wire and paper mache.
​Her work is inspired by the human form and by the challenges of expressing the human condition. 

Patrick Jacobson

Patrick Jacobson is a Whitehorse-based indie-rock songwriter. Originally hailing from Vancouver, he earned his reputation as the front man for The Capitals by writing endearing, dulcet anthems with crackerjack choruses. He also co-wrote songs and with The Top Drawers and The Luna Riot. Now he’s is returning to his roots with a guitar in his hands to sing for anybody who still enjoys a good melody.