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Artists, musicians, songwriters, general creative types and arts lovers alike might want to think about taking a little vacation time this summer. The Keno City Music and Art Workshop For Adults is returning for its second year, with workshops running July 24th through to August 7th.

The event runs for two weeks, in week long blocks, with different workshops and artists offered in each block. Participants register for the week of their choice, and can register for both weeks if they wish, too.

Workshops are run by Yukon visual artists Nicole Bauberger, Heidi Marion, Lillian Loponen and Dieter Weise and Yukon musicians Kim Beggs, Sarah Macdougall, Barbara Chamberlin, BJ Mclean, Cindy Harder and Travis Petkau. The topics are varied, from songwriting to acrylic painting to birch bark weaving.

This year’s event is a little different from the last in that it is two weeks long instead of one and there more time between workshops – changes that were made based on feedback from last years artists and attendees, according to participating music and organizer of the workshops Kim Beggs.

“Facilitating workshops takes up a lot of mental space (for the artists). With two weeks instead of one, artists teach on week and then spend the rest of the time creating and working on their own projects,” Beggs says.

Workshops start in the late morning, with two hours between each workshop and free time to just create, work on projects outside of class or “just write in your journal,” says Beggs.

In the evening there will be coffee houses and venues for the art created during the day to be displayed, and campfires for relaxing, sharing and storytelling, although all these events are optional. There is one day of free time so people can explore and enjoy Keno.

“Some people are just more comfortable sharing around a campfire… and everyone is on their own time,” Beggs says.

Participants will receive 24 hours worth of workshops over the course of the week, plus two hours of one-on-one mentorship outside of the time spent in the workshops, with extra private lessons available for negotiation with the artists at an additional hourly rate.

In addition to the workshops, all participants will be given a set of personal cards, printed with their favourite piece of art created during the workshop and a recording of a song they wrote during their stay. The supplies needed to participate in the workshops will be provided, although if people want to do additional work outside of the workshops they should bring their own supplies.

Beggs stresses that these workshops are, as the name suggests, for adults, and that participants are expected to be independent and responsible for themselves and their own meals while they are there. People can either book a room at the Silvermoon Bunkhouse or stay at the campground. Most rooms have already been booked by the artists teaching this event, however there may still be some rooms available there, too, Beggs says.

Special discounted rates are available for participants at the Keno City Hotel. There are several restaurants in Keno for those who don’t feel like cooking.

“If someone didn’t have a lot of money they could camp and the campground and just cook your own food,” Beggs says.

The event is a partnership with Yukon Women in Music and the Keno Club. Beggs adds that the event is looking for sponsors for next year, to help pay for art supplies, the artists fees and to create a fund to help people who might not have the money to attend the event.

Beggs stresses the workshops aren’t just for professionals, but for anyone who enjoy being creative and wants to take some time to do that.

“Artists can empower people with their creativity,” she says.

Early-bird registration is open now until April 15th, after which time people can still register, but prices go up. To register or for more information on the Keno City Music and Art Workshop for Adults, including details on workshops and pricing, please visit www.KimBeggs.com.

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