An Art Invasion is Coming to Dawson

Welcome to another peek at my corner of the Klondike. Apparently this little column is getting a bit of notice, since my absence last issue has already had a couple of people asking me if I’d stopped writing it. I guess that’s the benefit of writing for a free paper that sits out there for a week. Lots of time for people to notice what you’ve written.

Apparently there will be people seeing this issue who might not normally partake of our prose and pix, so I was advised to explain myself.

The short version of this “Korner” is that Dawson used to have a newsletter called The Klondike Korner. A bunch of ladies used to put it together in the home economics room at the Robert Service School, and they did it from the late 1950s until 1989, when the upstart Klondike Sun (shameless plug here) began publication.

The title of my column is a homage to their work and a clue that in this space I am likely to be more chatty than in most of my other print appearances.

Usually, I fill this space with coming events news, in the spirit of this paper’s mandate, but when there’s nothing looming on the ten-day horizon, I may just ramble about some quaint feature of the town where I have lived since 1985.

Looking ahead (or going forward, as everyone seems to want to say these days) what do I see coming our way but KIAC’s 10th annual Youth Art Enrichment Program, which will happen here from November 3 to 7.

KIAC stands for Klondike Institute of Art and Culture and is the program arm of the Dawson City Arts Society, which has also given birth to the ODD Gallery, the Dawson City International Film Festival, and the Yukon Riverside Art Festival. KIAC is also a godmother to the recently renamed Yukon School of Visual Art (formerly known as KIAC SOVA for those who love acronymns).

For the YAEP (c’mon, figure it out) Dawson will see the arrival of 48 young people from just about every school in the territory, along with some teachers and chaperones. They will take part in one of four intensive art courses over a period of 4 days.

Michael Edwards will teach Digital Media Arts. Rosemary Scanlon will dabble in Fantastical Watercolour Worlds. Meshell Melvin will deal in Collage and Mixed Media. George Maratos will act up in a course called Improv Intensive.

Maratos’ theatre-based course is a first for this event, which usually focuses on painting, drawing, sculpture, animation and other plastic arts.

The YAEP is a fine example of how Dawsonites come together to make a complicated event work. KIAC couldn’t do this alone. Breakfasts, lunches and a fine closing dinner are provided by Dawson’s fabulous band of volunteers.

Evening events, including a community coffee house, are planned for the four days, which culminate in an art crawl or walking tour to show off the week’s work.

That’s this week’s visit to the Klondike Korner. Next time, a few words about some of Dawson’s odder living arrangements.

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