Didee & Didoo – Poem “Andy Nieman”

“Andy Nieman”

He’s a residential school survivor

and the devil was his driver.

He knows all about pain

‘cause he was addicted to cocaine.

He knows all about being low

‘cause he lived on skid row.

His life was about no hope

‘cause he was addicted to dope.

His life was mostly sin

‘cause he was addicted to heroin.

But don’t think that’s all

‘cause he was addicted to alcohol.

He spent a lot of time in jail

‘cause he was taught to fail.

He knows what’s down and out

an’ Andy Nieman I’m talkin’ about.

Andy was the devil’s slave

so his life God decided to save.

Andy was lost but now he’s found

‘cause God turned his life around.

His life was what I call sinister

but God made Andy a minister.

Eventually Andy would have died

but God gave him back his pride.

The devil wanted to make his life tragic

but God made Andy’s life magic

The devil made Andy a sinner

but God made Andy a winner.

Andy quit drugs and the bottle

an’ he’s my friend 

an’ role model.

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