Didee & Didoo – Poem “Cannibals”

They don’t care how we feel cannibals just want a free meal. They like our delicious flesh an’ cannibals like us fresh. They don’t care about our life they’ll eat us with fork an’ knife. Cannibals don’t care what we say they only want us for prey. They don’t care if we’re slender but cannibals like us tender. They don’t care if we get hurt cannibals just want us for dessert. They don’t care if we’re the runt ‘cause cannibals like us to hunt. They don’t care if I’m their friend ‘cause they’ll cook me in the end. When cannibals take aim they think we’re big game. They’ll give you an expiry date when they put you on the plate. Cannibals will hunt for me an’ you ‘cause they enjoy people stew. Cannibals like our meat ‘cause we’re what they eat. But this is not a true story because it’s just too gory.

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