Destruction Bay; Season Opener

The warm weather a few weeks ago had us itching to plan a little motorcycle trip for our first free weekend in months.

As it happened, that same weekend was the season opening for the Destruction Bay Lodge. The owner, ever a busy host, brought in a band, fired up his barbeque and invited everyone on over.

Earlier in the week I’d told my son Ace that if he got his motorcycle learner’s permit he could come with us. He could ride my BMW while I rode the Shadow.

An immediate study of the Motorcycle Rider’s Handbook on the Yukon Government website and by noon the next day he had the learner’s along with an appointment for the road test the following Wednesday.

By the time Friday came, the weather was not cooperating – rain predicted for all directions. Fortunately, by then all three of us were committed and it seemed that the weather was no longer a factor.

We do have rain gear after all, and to be honest, I don’t think Ace would have let us jam out.

True to form, it took all of Saturday morning to get ready. Snacks, drinks, a change of clothes in case we got drenched and an emergency repair to my pannier mount – we were rockin’ and rollin’ by … noon.

My mission in life is to inspire adventure. Our first break was at the Takhini Burn rest stop. One look at my son’s face confirmed: mission accomplished. He had the motorcycle grin pasted ear to ear. I have to admit, my own had kicked in about 20 km back.

It was a good thing we had put the rain gear on right away. We had ridden in and out of several pockets of light rain throughout the afternoon.

Halfway between Haines Junction and Destruction Bay we pulled into a purported fishing spot and the boys pulled out the fishing rods. With the second cast, Ace pulled in the perfect lake trout and the day rose to the status of a “best day ever.”

I always forget how beautiful this part of the Alaska Highway is until I see it again from my motorcycle. Rounding the corner into the Slims River valley and then riding along Kluane Lake, even with the scattered showers and low lying cloud, was stunning.

We arrived in Destruction Bay just five minutes into the first period of the second game of the Stanley Cup Finals.

Even the Canucks knew that nothing was allowed to ruin this day. They won the game just seconds into overtime to a rousing cheer from the small crowd in the Talbot Arms Bar.

We had our fish for breakfast the next morning and the boys took off for some more motorcycle fishing while I chilled out and went for a walking tour of D-Bay.

When we left Whitehorse on Saturday, a neighbour asked where we were off to. When I answered Destruction Bay, she frowned and just said, “Why?”

It may be a little known secret, but Destruction Bay is the perfect destination for a weekend motorcycle getaway from Whitehorse.

It’s even better when you catch fish along the way. Sunday, the sun came out and it was a limit catch of grayling that contributed to another “best day ever.”

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