Didee & Didoo – Poem “Just For Today”

Just for Today

Yesterday is history

an’ tomorrow is a mystery.

For yesterday I don’t worry

an’ tomorrow I’m not in a hurry.

If I worry about tomorrow

I can live in sorrow.

Tomorrow may not arrive

today I’m glad to be alive.

Yesterday is gone

and I’m movin’ on.

I’ll leave this day in God’s hands

’cause He makes my plans.

God will be by my side

and He will be my guide.

God will never leave me alone

’cause I can’t survive on my own.

I’ll give thanks and pray

for another beautiful day.

Yesterday I cannot erase

but this new day I will face.

The Bible we need to borrow

’cause we’ll need it for tomorrow.

– Allan Benjamin

Old Crow, Yukon Territory

Allan Benjamin is a cartoonist from Old Crow, Yukon.

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