Didee & Didoo – Poem “Tour Guide”

Tour Guide

When I’m a tour guide

I like walking outside.

When I show tourists our town

We use a wheelbarrow to get around.

When they come to Old Crow Yukon

They all want to meet Dick Nukon.

I show them my snowshoes of birch

And I show them our log church.

Tourists like to pet my husky dogs

And they like my cabin made of logs.

They’ll take a picture of a grouse

And they’ll see Edith Josie’s house.

They’ll see the Porcupine River Flow

And take a picture of an old crow.

Tourists will not see night

an’ I’ll take them to the grave site.

We don’t have a water fountain

But I’ll take them up the Crow Mountain.

I think tourists’ blood is sweet

‘cause mosquitoes like to eat.

Before they’ll be leavin’

I’ll take them to see Uncle Steven.

When I’m a tour guide

I do it with pride.

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