Didee & Didoo – Poem “Freddy Carmichael”

Freddy Carmichael

When he was a small boy,

he had a plane for a toy.

When he was a young lad,

a big dream he had.

Aklavik is his hometown,

an’ he wanted to be sky bound.

Freddy Charmichael is his name,

and a bush pilot he became.

This Gwitchin pilot had a wish,

to fly trappers out in the bush.

He wanted to soar in the sky,

so he got his license to fly.

A bush plane Freddy bought,

like the one he had as a tot.

Reindeer Air Service he started,

an’ from Aklavik he departed.

When people were sick,

he medevacked them to Inuvik.

On water or snow he would land,

an’ flew trappers out on the land.

He knew where they were going to trap,

so Freddy didn’t need a map.

He likes to be above,

because flying is his love.

Freddy received a national award,

well-deserved because he worked hard.

Freddy Carmichael I’m proud of,

because he always been above.

In Aklavik there’s the Freddy Carmichael Airport,

so this long story I have to make short.

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