Didee & Didoo – Poem “Victor Cheated Death”

Victor Cheated Death

He left his kids and wife

and he lost his life.

They all cried

‘cause the husband had 


It happened in Aklavik

and his name is Vic.

I think it happened in 


and this story is true.

Vic had died an’ went to 


an’ everyone started to 


But then Victor awoke

and it was no joke.

Vic cheated death

when he took a breath.

His wife missed him the 


then she saw his ghost.

But then he was real

an’ she started to squeal.

When his life ended

they thought Vic pretended.

Victor had a close shave

he almost went to his 


Victor lived to be old

but he later lost his soul.

When he died the second 

time second time around

they put poor Victor under 


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