Didee & Didoo – Poem “Grandma and Grandpa”

Their names are Didee an’ Didoo,

Grandpa an’ Grandma for me an’ you.

Their pipes they’re always smokin’,

and their English is broken.

Didoo is always wise,

an’ Didee like to tell lies.

Didee is weak an’ Didoo is strong,

Didoo is right an’ Didee is wrong.

Didee play the fiddle,

an’ Didoo dance a little.

Didoo calls Didee, “She”,

an’ Didee calls Didoo, “He”.

Didee makes Didoo mad,

an’ Didoo makes Didee glad.

The clothes that they wore,

came from Hudson Bay store.

Their canes are sticks,

an’ they use strong Vicks.

Didoo always got her teapot,

an’ Didee thinks he’s a big shot.

Someday I’ll be Didee,

I hope Didoo doesn’t call me, “She”.

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