Didee & Didoo – Poem “Bill Smith”


His name is Bill Smith,

and Tabitha he stay with.

She was his Gwitch’in wife,

and they like the bush life.

Bill was a white man,

and he liked our land.

They hardly stay in town,

in the bush they’ll be found.

Wherever they went,

they stay in a tent.

Bill had a rough dog team,

and they always scream.

In the toboggan Tabitha sit inside,

and they go for a slow ride.

His dogs are not really fast,

in dog races he come in last.

Bill used to be our Santa Claus,

but his reindeer had paws.

But he didn’t give us toys,

only clothes for girls an’ boys.

With the U.S. Army he fought,

on his arm he showed a gun shot.

Bill likes to read,

an’ Tabitha likes to bead.

We like to sit with,

an’ listen to Bill Smith.

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