Didee & Didoo – Poem “CALVING GROUNDS”


We must protect the calving grounds,

so that oil rigs and pipelines are out of bounds.

It’s the cleanest place on Earth,

where the caribou give birth.

Within hours of birth calves will run,

in their land of the Midnight Sun.

This is their summer home,

where the calves are free to roam.

Where the mountains surrounds,

this is their protective grounds.

In the fall the herds will migrate,

and when there’s snow they’ll mate.

For a journey that’s well worth,

next summer the cows give birth.

Elders tell us this is a sacred place,

not created for the human race.

The buffalo herds were wiped out,

and they can only be talked about.

Now they want to drill for oil,

but the calving grounds they will spoil.

The caribou herds we will always protect,

and the calving grounds nobody will wreck.

We depend on the caribou herds,

so please listen to my words.

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