Didee & Didoo – Poem “Granny’s Money”

Granny’s Money

When her cheque she got,

my Granny is big shot.

Granny didn’t know how to count,

but she sure knew her cheque amount.

She didn’t know how to add,

but she knew how much cash she had.

My Granny do little jig,

when she see her cheque is big.

She couldn’t sign her name,

so she put “X” just the same.

Government she always thank,

an’ back then there was no bank.

She put her money in her trunk,

with the rest of her junk.

Granny had the biggest padlock,

an’ with a big key she lock.

She tied the key around her neck,

that’s how she guarded her cheque.

Granny didn’t know how to divide,

but her money she knows how to hide.

My Granny was kind of funny,

the way she looked after her money.

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