Didee & Didoo – Poem “Wilfred Charlie”

Wilfred Charlie is his name,

and dog mushing is his game.

He comes from Carmacks,

where you’ll see his dog team tracks.

Behind his dog team he ran,

so they called him “Iron Man”.

His dogs are part wolf breed,

that’s why he’s always in the lead.

Wilfred’s dogs only number six,

but he knows lots of tricks.

He makes his sled from oak,

and the one-hour mark he broke.

Wilfred knows how to mush,

and his dogs were in a rush.

He raced his dogs in Whitehorse,

and set a new record on the course.

Wilfred’s team run at a fast pace,

when they are in a dog race.

He trained them on a trapline,

that’s why he left everyone behind.

Iron Man is his name,

and Wilfred is a man of fame.

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