Didee & Didoo – Poem “Lost Tribe”


There’s a story told about a lost tribe,

let’s sit down and let Grandpa describe.

He told us of the place they were born,

and the caribou skin clothing they had worn.

In the winter they followed the moon,

and people expected them back soon.

They never did return home,

because our brothers and sisters aren’t lost.

One day I thought I’d seen some Gwitch’ins,

it turned out they were my next of kins.

We can understand each other,

because we have the same grandmother.

They are part of our Gwitch’in Nations,

Grandma said, “They are our relations.”

They told me that they settled far away,

and for us the elders would pray.

I’m glad that I found my extended family,

even tho’ they settled in another country.

Some day I will visit my Navajo lands,

and that’s part of my plans.

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