Didee & Didoo – Poem “Joe and Annie Henry”

Joe and Annie Henry were married over 80 years,

which means for each other they really cares.

A record which made it in the world record book,

I think you’ll just have to take a look.

Most people don’t even reach that age,

so make sure you read on their page.

But they deserve many, many pages,

for their combined ages.

When Annie became Joe’s bride,

they were married at Moosehide.

The Henrys raised their family at Blackstone,

and for making snowshoes they were well known.

Grandma Annie sure knows how to sew,

for her 14 children and Grandpa Joe.

Grandpa Joe lived to a hundred and three,

and raised his family in one century.

The Bible made their faith strong,

and on Earth their lives were long.

When they built the Dempster Highway,

over his country Joe showed them the way.

As most people would say,

“This is really Joe Henry’s Highway.

Joe and Annie’s life story,

will go down in history.

I could have written many pages,

because on earth they lived many ages.

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