Didee & Didoo – Poem “David”

My friend, David, is a good mechanic,

and he likes to eat dry meat and bannock.

On Old Crow Mountain he has a tent,

so that’s where he always went.

David can fix chainsaw and kicker,

if it’s broken he’ll figure.

He carries his tools in his pack sack,

and for engines he has a knack.

Ski-Doos he always fix,

sometimes he work on six.

If David fix your clutch,

he doesn’t charge too much.

David can fix almost anything,

he can even make your engine sing.

He said if you treat your motor wrong,

it won’t sing a song.

David will change your oil,

or he’ll fix your coil.

Sometimes he order parts,

to make your engine starts.

When David is out of town,

I hope my Ski-Doo won’t break down.

My friend, David, is a good mechanic,

and you can pay him with dry meat and bannock.

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