Didee & Didoo – Poem “Eliza Steamboat”

Eliza Steamboat

I never knew where she got her name,

but from Old Crow she came.

She lived to be very old,

and her cane she always hold.

Her age we don’t know,

because the records don’t show.

Her brother was Big Joe Kay,

and she worked for the W.A.

She always smoke her pipe,

and she was the kind type.

Mrs. Steamboat was four feet tall,

and she lived in a cabin that’s small.

She always give us kids treats,

like bannock and dry meats.

Sometimes she give us peaches,

but only one eaches.

Her wood stove she stoke,

and in Gwitchin she spoke.

When she lit her candle,

she held it by the handle.

Eliza likes to smile,

sitting on her wood pile.

I was a kid when she died,

but I remember her smile that was wide.

And her one of a kindness,

I will always miss.

I remember Eliza Steamboat,

that’s why this poem I wrote.

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