Didee & Didoo – Poem “The Bishop who ate his mukluks”

The Bishop who ate his mukluks,

was almost out of lucks.

Bishop Stringer and his guide,

set out across the Rat River Divide.

From Fort McPherson their journey began,

a one-week trip was the Bishop’s plan.

They were heading to LaPierre House,

surviving on rabbits and grouse.

September 1909 was the year,

when winter was coming near.

Food was getting low,

and deep was the snow.

They got lost in the fall weather,

and made snowshoes with willow and leather.

The Bishop’s extra boots were made from seal,

and he thought it would make a tasty meal.

Bishop didn’t think it was a sin,

to eat his seal boots skin.

As their condition worsen,

they turned back to Fort McPherson.

When they were founds,

they each lost 50 pounds.

In Fort McPherson they stayed,

for them everyone prayed.

They were fed and taken care of,

with the help of God above.

Bishop and his guide survived the ordeal,

by eating sealskin boots meal.

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