The Bushman

The Brushman had a lonely life,

so he went out lookin’ for a wife.

He built a birchbark canoe,

a canoe built for two.

He waited until it was dark,

and hoping the dogs wouldn’t bark.

He stole a lady while she was sleeping,

in the morning she was still weeping.

He paddled his canoe all night,

downriver with all his might.

She did not want to live in The Brushman’s cave,

so her life she wanted to save.

The lady wanted to escape from The Brushman,

so she came up with a clever plan.

She asked him to stop so she could pee,

because she had drank too much tea.

The Brushman landed his canoe,

next to a deep slough,

so that she would have no where to run,

when her peeing was done.

She didn’t want him to watch her go to potty,

she told him he would be quite naughty.

Around her waist he tied a tight knot,

but a knife she had brought.

The Brushman kept tugging on the line,

and felt everything was fine.

She had tied the rope to a tree,

and at last she was free.

And far away she did ran,

’cause she hated The Bushman.

At the end of the rope she wasn’t found,

and there was no wet on the ground.

So, you ladies always carry a knife,

someday it will save your life.