Didee & Didoo – Poem “Edith Josie”

She came across the border,

and became a news reporter.

Eagle, Alaska she left behind,

and Old Crow she did find.

Edith Josie is her name,

and she made it to fame.

You can see Auntie smile,

as she write in her own style.

Miss Josie made Old Crow famous,

and her brother’s name is Amos.

Auntie only made it to Grade 4,

although school she wanted more.

Her news she write,

under candle light.

Miss Josie is wise,

and our church she has ties.

She ring the bell from the steeple,

and preach to our people.

All the work that she did so hard,

finally earned Auntie an award.

A big medal Auntie got,

and now she’s big shot.

They pin big medal on her coat,

“Here end the news” is what she wrote.

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