Didee & Didoo – Poem “Chief Peter Moses”

His name was Chief Peter Moses,

he was my Grandpa I supposes.

Clara Frost was my Grandmother,

and Peter was her older brother.

This story is not so new,

it happened during World War Two.

When he was the Old Crow Chief,

he heard about kids in grief.

There were orphans from the war,

and he collected money in a jar.

By the police the money was sent,

and to the orphans it went.

It was a really big thing,

when he got a medal from the king.

The police pinned it on his coat,

and read the letter that the king wrote.

His medal he was proud to wear,

and he had a grin from ear to ear.

His wife, Myra, stood by his side,

and she also had a smile that was wide.

Peter Moses was the Chief of Old Crow,

and his medal he was proud to show.

My Grandpa was a big shot,

because of the medal he got.

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