Didee & Didoo – Poem “The Jackson Brothers”

The Jackson Brothers had a boat,

but I guess it wasn’t made to float.

The brothers had a freight barge,

and the pilot should’ve been in charge.

Old Paul was his name,

and he took the blame.

A river pilot he was hired,

but he soon got fired.

They should have left him alone,

’cause they made him hit a big stone.

The barge broke in two,

and ended up in a slough.

It broke like bannock,

and sunk like The Titanic.

They all made it to shore,

with just what they wore.

After they hit the rock,

to Old Crow they started to walk.

The blame was on the Jackson Brothers,

but they were all mad at each others.

Jackson Rock is not little,

in the river it’s right in the middle.

It’s a rock that’s large,

that will break a barge.

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