Didee & Didoo – Poem “George Attla”

George Attla is an Alaskan,

and his tribe is Athabaskan.

Since he was a young boy,

dog racing was his joy.

George comes from a small town,

with lots of dog barking sound.

His right leg is lame,

and dog racing is his game.

Even though he has a handicap,

George still hunt and trap.

Dog racing he learned,

and the trails he burned.

While racing his dogs,

George Attla likes to jogs.

In his first dog race,

he came in first place.

A world champion he became,

with a famous name.

George was always in the lead,

with his racing breed.

His dogs are top notch,

as they race against the watch.

He wrote a dog racing book,

so he’s obviously not a rook.

Of George’s life they made a movie,

which I think is kind of groovy.

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