Didee & Didoo – Poem “Bruce”


I’m not as tough as Bruce

He’s as strong as a moose.

He has lots of power

‘cause he can pack flour.

In the preliminary 


he ran with 600 pounds.

When they load the flour 

on his back

850 pounds Bruce can 


That’s a lot of strain

to carry that much grain.

That’s a lot of wheat

but Bruce likes to 


That’s a lot of weight

an’ lots of bannock on the 


Bruce won the top prize

an’ he beat the toughest 


Bruce came in first

An’ 850 pounds of flour 

was his purse.

I think he’s stronger 

than a horse

‘cause I watched him pack 

flour in Whitehorse.

Bruce carried 850 pounds 

like a piece of cake

And Beverly had lots of 

flour to bake.

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