Didee & Didoo – Poem “She”

She was born in Old Crow,

under a colourful rainbow,

where the caribou roam,

this is where she calls home.

There the snow is so white,

in the summer there’s no nite,

where the sky is so blue,

and the land so true.

There the water is so clear,

and so is the air,

where the eagle soar,

and the grizzly bear roar.

Where the wolves howl,

she hears the hoot of the owl.

The animals talk to her,

when she’s dressed in rabbit fur.

She’s a Gwitchin Princess,

in her leather dress.

She has a feather in her hair,

so slender and fair.

She’s as pretty as a butterfly,

flying so gracefully in the sky.

She likes to pose,

holding a rose.

When she sings out loud,

she makes her people proud.

She watches the Northern Lites,

dance to great heights.

She’ll sleep under a tree,

where she feels so free.

One day she’ll be mine,

I dream of her all the time.

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