Didee & Didoo – Poem “Here Are The News”

Here Are The News:

Jerome went up river to cut wood

and Albert say he’s doing good.

Stephen went to Whitehorse for dog race

and I heard he came in first place.

The weather is really cool

even that Donald haul wood for school.

Charlie Thomas went out to Crow Flats

him and Isaac will trap rats.

They had a big dance at the dance hall

and fiddle player was Paul.

Ladies clean up inside church

an’ men cut up the birch.

Father Mouchet teach ski clubs

an’ police look after scouts an’ cubs.

All the ladies sew every day

and Joanne is president of W.A.

Indian agent came on mail plane

and Neil is busy in post office again.

Joe store is open late

’cause he get lots of freight.

Once a month we get mail

and Olsen make stove for sale.

Ladies look after Eliza steamboat

and Nielsen want us to vote.

Dolly set snares with Annie Nukon.

This is news from Old Crow, Yukon.

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