Didee & Didoo – Poem “Body Parts”


We’re born with a new body

but aging makes it shoddy.

If I could get a new part

I would go for a new heart.

It wouldn’t do no harm

to get a brand new arm.

I had them for many years

so I could use new ears.

I wish for better eye sight

so that I can see right.

I could even use a new bum

but don’t think that’s dumb.

I’m kind of getting older

so I need a new shoulder.

I’ll just keep my chin 

but I need a new skin.

It would make me gladder

to get a brand new bladder.

If they gave me a new rump

I think I would jump.

I can keep my tongue

but I need a clean lung.

I don’t suppose

I need new toes

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