Didee & Didoo – Poem “Tinkering”


I think he’s a good thinker

‘cause he always 

likes to tinker.

He likes to take stuff apart

then he tries to 

make it start.

He seems to get his joy

tinkering on an ancient toy.

He could be missin’ 

some nuts an’ bolts

or maybe just not 

enough volts.

Sometimes he depend 

on his luck

when he tinkers on 

an old truck.

Sometimes he works 

on his old Ford

or tinkers on an 

old outboard.

When he tinkers 

on a chainsaw

he doesn’t have to 

follow no law.

When he tinkers on 

an old tractor

he looks more like an actor.

One thing he sure 

doesn’t look mean

when he tinkers on 

an old machine.

He even uses a kitchen tool

‘cause tinkering is 

not a school.

He has a really big 

spool of copper

an’ he knows not to 

tinker with a chopper.

Tinkering could be his hobby

but you’ d have to ask 

my brother Bobby.

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