“Merle Haggard”

He was always on the roam

when he sang “Sing Me Back Home”.

The strangers were his back up band

when Merle sang “Branded Man”.

Merle’s songs are mine an’ yours

including “Swinging Doors”.

“No Reason to Quit”

was Merle’s big hit.

He sang “Mama Tried”

an’ “Bonnie an’ Clyde”.

Merle plays fiddle an’ guitar

on “Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Star”.

My favorite singer is Merle

“Emptiest Arms in the World”.

I like the way he sings

the song “Silver Wings”.

“THe Bottle Let Me Down”

I like Merle’s sound.

He wrote this song on a train

“Today I Started Lovin’ You Again”.

Merle knows how to jam

singing “The Way I Am”.

Merle sang songs that’s folkie

like “Okie From Muskogee”