Didee & Didoo – Poem “Grandma Suzie”


If she hits you with her cane

she’ll give you a little pain.

But it won’t hurt

‘cause she likes to flirt.

We all like Grandmas Suzie

but she’s kind of choosy.

She already has a honey

an’ Grandma Suzie is so funny.

She likes all us men

but she has a jealous boyfriend.

Grandma Suzie reminds me of Didoo

so she’s not exactly new.

She wears thick pantyhose

I wonder where she gets her clothes.

She keeps her money in her bloomer

but that’s just a rumour.

Kentucky Fried Chicken she likes to eat

and Grandmas Suzie is so sweet.

Grandma Suzie makes us blush

an’ she gives us an adrenaline rush.

I wonder if Grandma Suzie chews snuff

because I never see her puff.

Grandma Suzie is a big shot

an’ she carries a purse not a teapot.

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